Put on duty the first regiment Yarsov

Put on duty the first regiment "Yarsov"In the Ivanovo region atonement for combat duty first in Russia regiment, armed with a mobile strategic missile system RS-24 "Yars". On this, as reported by RIA Announcements, said the official dealer of the press service of the Ministry of Defence and disk imaging Russia Vadim Koval. According to him, the regiment included two divisions of the RS-24, which in 2010 were put on combat duty pilot. During the trial operation of the military confirmed the declared tactical and technical properties of the complex.

In the future, new missile systems have to change in service of an old SS-18 (Russian systematization UR-100N UTTH, ordering NATO — SS-19 Stiletto) and RS-20 "Governor" (P-36M, SS-18 Satan). As expected, the "yars" along with a set of mining and mobile home RS-12M2 "Topol-M" will form the basis of a shock grouping of Strategic Rocket Forces mission.

FAQ: In the Ivanovo region (Teykovo) placed 54th Guards Missile Division of the Order of Kutuzov in the 27th Guards Missile Vitebsk of the Red Army's Strategic Missile Forces mission. The division four missile regiment. On arms divisions are: RT-2PM "Topol", RT-2PM2 "Topol-M (mobile home) And now the RS-24 "Yars' (mobile home).

PC-24 "Yars" — Russian solid-fuel intercontinental ballistic missile mobile home with reentry warhead, developed by the Metropolitan Institute of Thermal Technology under the control of academician Yuri Solomonov. Is an upgraded missile complex Topol-M.

The basic performance characteristics (data not much information is classified)

Number of steps — 3
Length (MS) — about 23 m
Length (without MS) — about 17 m
The diameter — 2 m
Starting weight — no data
Throw-weight — not available
Fuel — solid composite propellant
Most range — 11000 km
Type of head — MIRV
Number of warheads — 3-4
Power charge — 150 ct — 300 ct
The control system — an autonomous, inertial
The method bases — mobile and stationary

Put on duty the first regiment "Yarsov"

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