Salting South Africa to the UN asking for an investigation of NATO in Libya

South African Ambassador to the United Nations demanding an investigation into the activities of NATO in Libya

January 5, Brussels. Baso Sangqu, salting South Africa to the United Nations, appointed to the position of Chairman of the UN Security Council in 2012, issued a statement which addresses the need to investigate the activities carried out by NATO Libya on the ground. From his words, it follows that further consideration of actions that are performed troops Alliance during the riots of 2011, which ended in the overthrow of Muammar Gaddafi.

Agency Associated Press, posted Sengku words in which he notes the need to investigate violations of human rights and the different opportunities excess and abuse of all parties to the conflict, especially in cases where human rights slighted member countries of the Security Council. He also noted that, in his view, setting a no-fly zone over Libya, NATO exceeded its capacity.

But NATO spokesman Oana Longesku issued a statement that troops Alliance during their own actions in Libya not in any way violate the rights of the people. She noted that the troops were undertaken actions aimed only to have to reduce the risk for civilians to a minimum.

Recall that in February 2011 in Libya began mass protests, which were aimed against Muammar Gaddafi, who ruled the state in 40 years. Oct. 20 destroyed the former Libyan favorite in his home town of Sirte. Until now, one hundred percent unexplained incident of his death.

The result of the war in civilian Liviii is that now virtually every inmate has a presence in the firearm. The new government Libya unsuccessfully tries to disarm the population. Not long ago, a group of armed militants attempted to break in Tunisia. Only after a shootout with state guard on the border of the country they managed to stop.

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