Samara rocket engines on the U.S. Antares


In the United States held a successful launch of an American rocket "Antares" with Samara engines, the press service of the government.

The second successful launch rocket occurred on September 18 at 18.58 from the Baikonur "Mars" in Virginia.

Roughly 22 September missile approaches the ISS for practicing the process of docking. For the needs of long-duration expedition crew rocket takes 700 kg of cargo.

Recall is the second flight-test media created for the delivery of commercial cargo to the International Space Station. The first rocket launch "Antares" successfully held on April 22, 2013. 


Samara Region Governor Nikolai Merkushin congratulated the staff and veterans of "Smith" with the successful launching of the "Antares" by the Mid-MARS Spaceport in Virginia.

Installed as part of the first stage of the rocket engines NK-33/AJ26 modified American aircraft engine company Aerojet Rocketdyne together with the specialists of the Samara "Smith", during the launch worked without any problems.

The message engine manufacturers, in particular, said: "This launch once again confirmed the high level of professionalism Samara professionals who have created a unique engine NK-33, demonstrated the capabilities of aerospace complex Samara region in the framework of international programs.

Thanks to the traditions laid down by earlier generations of engine builders, and today we are among the world leaders in the creation of liquid rocket engines for space launch vehicles and intercontinental ballistic missiles.

Success of domestic space are largely due to the achievements of rocket engine, the potential of which is largely concentrated in the city of Samara. In all space programs, starting with the first flight to the moon in 1959, and the flight of Yuri Gagarin, the motors are designed and manufactured by JSC "Kuznetsov".

The team of "Smith" does not stop there: the company developed new technology not previously applied in the country, made a unique test bed equipment.

I sincerely wish you continued success in the implementation of promising projects for the benefit of the Samara region, for the benefit of Russia ».…/19.09.2013/date/1/55422/ 

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