SERGEY STROGANOV: The Moscow club spoiled by attention SPONSORS

— How does the FC "Rostov" managed to conclude an agreement on technical co-sponsorship?

Oleg Lopatin, general diretokr FC "Rostov": played a role, of course, a personal acquaintance. Before the signing of the agreement has been done a lot of preparatory work, negotiated, agreed upon terms. Everything happens in a moment.

— From any of the parties proceeded initiative?

— To us this proposal addressed Moscow-based company, which is engaged in the promotion of the Italian brand Patrick in Russia. They went out on us.

— Why "growth" was not asked?

— No, not interested. Perhaps they see the potential for their brands in the Rostov region. To say exactly why they turned it to our club, not some other, I can not. True, they were already familiar with our club, and with his guidance.

— What are the conditions of work and club sponsor?

— The form of the interaction is quite simple. They supply us with the form for the main and youth staff, we place their logo on all of our information media. Patrick — our official technical sponsor. In general, I think it is for any company interested. And for those who are engaged in sports form — technical sponsorship promotion in general is a great option.

— How the club was able to save on the form?

— Let's not call amount.

— In general, to calculate how many sets of uniforms to the two teams is not too difficult …

— Moreover, you can estimate yourself. I can say that for our club, for our budget — this is very important.

— Who made the decision to enter into a contract with FC "Rostov"?

Sergei Stroganov, CEO of "Italsport": Decision on the signing of the contract was made directly by the manufacturer. We have proposed to use the office of Patrick technical sponsorship as a means of promoting the brand in Russia. They are interested in this. Even then began the search for a suitable club.

— Why is stopped on "Rostov"?

— Equipped Moscow clubs almost unreal. They are spoiled by the attention of potential sponsors and demand more. It was clear that the team need to look elsewhere. Rostov — a football city, the capital of the Southern Federal District. To gain a foothold here to make sense, including with a view to the Olympics.

— How quickly able to agree terms?

— With the "Rostov" has been turned out of communication: in the year we wore to school. The club was able to check the quality of equipment, it suited them. Negotiations were still about six months.

— In addition to the placement of the logo on T-shirts and promotional materials, technical sponsor wants to see and the network through which to sell the attributes of form and under the brand name of the club?

— Yes, it was one of the main conditions on our part. At the same time, we understand that this is not Moscow. There is no such established system sales of club merchandise, it must be done at a discount. No we did not set ultimatums, make for us a certain amount is not required. Now, to some extent jointly working on it. Still, the club has serious ties to the region, and the same sport shops and amateur teams, of course, the name Patrick is much more interested. There is such a Bataiysk, there is the club of the same name, who plays in the second division. They were able to evaluate your equipment, talk to the "Rostov", in the end, we signed a contract with them to supply the form.

— How expensive technical sponsor such a contract?

— Costs for the sponsor, of course, decent. First, it was a personal order. Although it is based on an existing model, yet has been made in the form of colors of the club, whose catalog was not. Probably for Adidas or Nike is easier. But I can say that for Patrick now, for example, to cooperate with another club under such conditions it would hardly be possible.

— Why are other manufacturers of equipment not seek to cooperate with Russian clubs that do not have the technical sponsors?

— After all, this kind of market is divided. I know that some companies outside the big five, there were attempts to conclude contracts on technical co-sponsorship with Russian clubs, but it lasted long. Club to reach the potential sponsor is difficult. I can say that for a company representing manufacturers in Russia, to prove to the central office that such a move would be interesting and useful for brand promotion, it is not so simple. Patrick says Russia is very serious market, so we were able to convince them.

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