Sverdlovsk region has acquired unique sires

Sverdlovsk region has acquired 14 unique sires. This will in the years to significantly improve the genetic potential of dairy herds in the region, at the same time increasing milk production and improving its quality.

In the Sverdlovsk region has a program of development of dairy farming and to increase milk production. This year, the regional budget for the financing provided by the order of one billion two hundred million rubles, for comparison, in 2011 — one billion rubles. These funds are used for dairy subsidies, that is, a liter of milk paid to producers of 3 rubles 50 kopecks. Also includes support for livestock farmers for the maintenance and purchase of breeding cows. For these purposes, the regional budget allocated 101 million rubles. 

Under this program, the Sverdlovsk enterprise "Uralplemtsentr" purchased in the United States 14 breeding bulls of Holstein, Hereford and Aberdeen Angus breeds. On the eve of the animals arrived in Yekaterinburg. 
"All of these animals are the descendants of prominent parents have high genetic parameters (indexes genomic testing). After a few months of livestock enterprises will be able to purchase seed of the bulls, for the improvement of the Ural Black Pied dairy breed cows. The offspring of such a mating is a more hardy, milk yield increased two to three times. In addition, these cows are often the record holder in terms of fat mass in the drink, "- said General Director of" Uralplemtsentra "Vladimir Mymrin. 
Bulls of America was flown to Yekaterinburg. The way animals survived well, now two months ahead of the quarantine. This means that access to the bulls will have only a couple of employees' Uralplemtsentra. " Contact with animals, whether feeding or veterinary procedures, carried out exclusively in a sterile disposable clothing. 
According to Vladimir Mymrina, the support of the regional government in the acquisition of breeding animals is very important and timely. 
"A few years earlier, this program is almost no funding. We ourselves were expensive to buy bulls, not only abroad, but even in neighboring areas. Government support for the first time this program was in 2011. Then the grant for the purchase and maintenance of breeding bulls and cows accounted for 36 rubles per kilogram of body weight, it is now 60 rubles, "- said Vladimir Mymrin. 
Recall that last year the company has already procured in France eight breeding bulls of Holstein breed. The Euro-Asian News.

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