The bigger the earthquake, the more powerful aftershocks it may cause

April 22, 2013. Seismologists from the U.S. conducted observations, which have resulted in evidence of the ability of powerful earthquakes trigger multiple and often quite strong aftershocks in the same area or a small distance from the first episode. Thus in 9% of cases a big push can cause the same or similar in magnitude quake far enough from the point of view of geography.

In his observations, scientists have included earthquakes from all over the world since 1979. It was found that out of 260 pushes the test magnitude more than 7, y 24 observed repeated episodes of weak least the same geological faults. Some of them were not less dangerous than the initial tremors. Sometimes available in the area of the epicenter of the mining activity only increases the risk of going seismic waves, as happened during the earthquake in the U.S. state of Utah.

In the future, the researchers plan to create a map of aftershocks to be able to more fully explore their nature and assess the risks of such events. Should be explored in more detail the relationship between free-standing, but there is one area in strong strokes. Meanwhile, we can only guess at how connected, and whether all the recent 6.6-magnitude earthquake in the Chinese Sichuan and the 6.1-magnitude earthquake south of the coast of Japan. Honshu, the day after the incident at a depth of 424 km. Whether these two phenomena anything to the 6.1-magnitude earthquake in eastern Russia, recorded on April 20 and 98 km from the town of Severo-Kurilsk at a depth of 20.2 km. In front of him, by the way, in the same area, there was another jolt magnitude 6.0.


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