The climate of New South Wales raises concerns

May 14. Scientists are seriously concerned about the climate in the state of New South Wales (NSW), where one third of the inhabitants of Australia. 31% of the national economy is concentrated in this state. Over the past 40 years in NSW have increased significantly in duration and intensity of droughts and heat waves in western Sydney marked increase in the number of warm days of the year by 60%.

Experts estimate that by the end of the century the largest city in Australia, the number of days with temperatures above 35 ° C will be 14 compared to the current three. This will greatly affect the likelihood of serious burns, affecting large areas, although today the state of the fires in Australia disappointing. Such warming will affect the well-being and health of Australians.

Coastal infrastructure feel threatened by rising sea levels. If the climate continues to warm up to the end of the 21st century, the water level will be higher still at 1.1 meters. It will endanger the flooding 60,000 homes and 1,200 commercial buildings, road length of 250 km. Particularly affected areas close to Macquarie Uolongongom.

Climatologists believe that the Australian government should as quickly as possible implement emergency measures to combat the greenhouse effect, because in the future climate in the country can become more severe, and the differences between the already numerous climatic zones — more tangible. On the one hand, drought will be stronger the other — Clear injection will more. Australia is important during take measures to ensure that such changes do not lead to irreparable consequences? Armed with solar panels and other environmental technology advancements.


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