The consequences were devastating typhoon Bohan

The consequences were devastating typhoon Bohai Natural Disasters

According to the latest data, the number of people killed during the strongest typhoon this year was 230. Hundreds more missing in landslides and floods. Enormous destruction in the Philippines, but the worst thing that a typhoon not soon weaken, indicating the emergence of a greater number of victims.

While Bohan moved to the north of the province of Palawan, the wind speed inside reached 120 km / h with gusts up to 150 km / h It showed a slight fracture on the beaches and in the areas of diving. The main attack took over the region of Mindanao and its beaches, fields and mines. The worst-affected area was Compostela Valley, where streams of water and mud were demolished homes, schools, shops and other buildings. Did not escape the terrible fate and health centers, which temporarily sheltering evacuated citizens as well as a military post.

Increased flooding after rains due to spilled agricultural water reservoirs, which are located at higher elevations. The damage from these events will be at least $ 98 million, as water destroyed 70-80% of the plantations. Basically, it was bananas for export.

Along with the housing stock damaged roads, bridges and other communication systems, including the power supply. It is now trying to recover, where the influence of the typhoon weakened. But some regions are permanently cut off from civilization. Every year the Philippines have to fight with about 20 typhoons.

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