The last limit of Defense of the Russian consciousness — Victory day

Last Line of Defense Russian identity - Victory Day

May 9, 2011 will be another prazdnichek days of the Victory in the Russian Federation, the victory of the Russian people over another European invasion of the socialist system of Nazism, Stalin over Hitler. But at the current time this prazdnichek distort evenly, reducing its value, and politically correct.

Victory Russian people-Russians (creator includes their Russian-velikorosov, Ukrainians and Belarusians), "internationalized" exaggerate the contribution of "allies" in the anti-Hitler coalition — though, in truth, the U.S. and the UK need to write to the instigators of the war-mongers. Constantly preomnazhayut contribution to the victory of the "small people" of the USSR, forgotten atrocities such small nations as Chechens, Ingush, Crimean Tatars, Estonians, they are recorded in the "innocent victims" of Stalinism.

You forgot the fact that the winner was the Stalinist system of socialism, which was much more effective than Hitler's National Socialism. Although not enough who can blame Hitler's model of inefficiency, it was a system that has a lot of pluses (for example, youth education, demographic applets), but the Stalinist model of socialism was better, and therefore defeated. Various internal and external enemies of Russia and the Russian people constantly watered with sewage that model, but the fact remains that it was the most efficient and the best model for the development of our civilization. Well, you can not undo the fact that the Communists during the Stalin era were real, they were fighting with the enemy, not sparing the life podymali in the first attack, the first summoned to the most complex tasks. The party was passionarnym core of people organizing principle. That's why the Germans "commissioners" take no prisoners, tried to kill outright.

Constantly belittle the role in the victory of the Stalin even try to prove that the Soviet Union and its peoples overpowered against his will. Say, Stalin did everything to the USSR lost. Although it is clear that the role of the leader is enormous, it will, intellect, great performance brought a significant contribution to the victory of the Union. This was recognized by his enemies, the enemies of the Union, such as Hitler, Churchill.

Segodnyaschy Russophobe power and intellectuals manage to once a day to celebrate the victory and mucky water successor of the USSR — Russia, the Russian people, Stalin's socialism. Develops highly counterintuitive picture: the leader, "pest enemy people ", the people, which itself for themselves overpowered, despite the machinations of the NKVD, incidentally forcing millions of Germans, destroying the legacy of the "old" European culture.

At Euro tradesman and Russian student develops in the mind of a hodgepodge of images: Victory — it's great Stalin — evil Hitler — evil, communism — the evil of Nazism — the evil, in the end it turns out that the evil led war against evil and overcome by evil orcs Stalin won up over the goblins Hitler. In the end, Russian Federation and its inhabitants converted to a deficient Poland, which always hurt, the Germans had insulted her, then Russian. Russian authorities and intellectuals zapadnizirovannaya hate of Hitler, Nazism and Stalin with his model of socialism. And just try to instill in his flawed view of the world to us.

From their point of view prevailed in the war, "people", not Russian, and "multi-ethnic people", but in all the "crimes" (many of them with painstaking study difficulties and not a "crime" at all) for some reason only of Stalinism povinet Russian people. Russian is constantly instill "guilt complex" — for the repression of small nations, a variety of "Katyn", "rape of millions of German women," crimes against humanity on the territory of the Reich, and so on. There is a washing away of the historical memory of the brain prazdnichka our people who still unites us all (the second most important fight of our people in the 20th century, is the flight of Yuri Gagarin).

The information war against our past, which gives us the strength to live and work, can we identify where the evil, and where the Good, is a very long time. But particularly since the "perestroika" and while she ran across the Russian Federation to the stage of overt, obvious and brash rusofobstvo. Impose on our people in the characters and the authorities are not our heroes, and even outright enemies of Russia — Trotsky, Tukhachevsky, Gorbachev, Yeltsin, Likhachev, Sakharov. We can not tolerate a traitor, a destroyer and degenerate Yeltsin, and he put the monuments, memorials, praised the first persons of the country. Maybe Hitler's time to put a monument and museum in honor of his "bright Name" to open? He's a journeyman in comparison with the masters of Yeltsin's gang, which caused Russia is 3-4 times more damage than the hordes of European "civilize" Hitler.

Such an attempt to "brainwash" our people to decide as early as 20 years of all kinds of "Trotskyists" agents "of the financial International." It was then destroyed the family (as at present), promoting civilian marriages, "free love", "freedom of the children", they offered to take in an orphanage or foster collectively. Destroying our history, Russian culture — removing the names of Pushkin, Lermontov, Tyutchev, Dostoevsky, Alexander Yaroslav, Suvorov, Ushakov, Nakhimov, Kutuzov. Others have implemented the "heroes" of any Engels, Karl Marx, Clara Zetkin, and so on.

Stalin and his supporters had to do a tremendous job in the 30 years to kill the most brash and obvious part of a "fifth column." Return the Russian people, its heroes, ascetics, geniuses to prepare the country for the Great War, to develop intense activity on a mass patriotic education.

At the current time on the planet mature severe action "smells" a lot of blood, approaching brand new Great War. And that Russia stood, our people need not Zvereva, Sobchak and others elitsinoidy, we need real heroes, our saints, warriors, and even the ancient gods to breathe life into the sleeping latest Russes. Need a brand new and "cleansing" of the country, on the new technological level.

We must, each at their own level, to defend one of the last frontiers, our last common prazdnichek — Holy day of Victory, Victory over the West of Russia and the Russian people over the European hordes victory of the Stalinist model of socialism over dark magic model of Nazism, Stalin over Hitler. We then stood in a tremendous battle in our history, not only survived, and overcame brilliantly, having set up Reddish (Russian) Banner of Victory over the beast's lair.

Last Line of Defense Russian identity - Victory Day

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