The last mission of the Russian Federation — to die for the West

The last mission of the Russian Federation - to die for the West

The logical end to at least some of the global economic crisis — this is a global war. In the course of the three global wars — the first in the 1914-1918 biennium., The second in 1939-1945. and the third in 1945-1991 (more commonly known as the "Cold War") — Our home was one of the participants, and it is clear that in World War IV, Russia will try to draw as the 1st of the main players.

In all 3 of the global war our main enemy of Western civilization were powers — Germany, Austria-Hungary, the United States and England. Minor acts of combat, compared with the European theater of war, were conducted in the First World and the Muslim world in the face of the Ottoman Empire, in the second — with the civilization of the East, Japan, in the "Cold War", due to errors Khrushchev began a confrontation with China.

In the next war the West will not be our main enemy. This can be seen on several grounds:

— Rapprochement between Russia and NATO, Moscow supports virtually all the acts of the Western powers: the attack on Iraq and, ultimately, its occupation, the dismemberment of Yugoslavia, the occupation of Afghanistan, sanctions against Iran, etc.

— Strengthening military cooperation with NATO, for example, permitted military transit through our air space to Afghanistan at the request of the United States we arm the Afghan army and police (actually free). Moscow offers Europe to build a joint missile defense system.

— The European powers: England, Germany, Spain, Italy, Austria, almost all EU countries — reduce the size of the armed forces, the number of languid weapons — tanks, armored vehicles, artillery. In other words, in European capitals believe that large-scale war in Europe, with the use of shock armies with lots of languid arms, will not. Army are mobile, small — in practice, this is not the army, and the expeditionary corps.

— Russia begins to buy an instrument in the Western states: drones from Israel, small gun in the UK, in France, the ships, armored vehicles in Italy and France, armor and field kitchens in Germany. In practice, this is the beginning of full-scale military cooperation between Russia and the West, soon dependence on guns, devices, ammunition, will be one of the forms of dependence.

In the First World War London derived a formula — "we will wage war until the last Russian soldier", at the moment it is willing to repeat. Russian are the best fighters of the world — they will be "cannon fodder" of the U.S. and London.

Who is the enemy?

Easy to identify the enemy — where on the planet the most acquire weapons and is building their very real arms race? The two regions of the planet:

— South-East Asia, where China and his neighbors have launched the most viable militarization.

— Middle East, the Arab and wider, and the Islamic world: From Afghanistan to Pakistan — to central Africa.

These are the two main fronts of the future World War II, both in the region diligently "shake and pour" kerosene "Fire embers coming.

Preparation of the Great War

— Preparation of war on the Korean peninsula, which would plunge into chaos Korean people and bring a lot of trouble for our neighbors, first to China, which even have to enter the war on the side of his allies to put out the flames of war and the Russian Federation.

— Incite the land of the rising sun in the Russian Federation, Tokyo launched a real militarization, thus behold the enemy, not only in Russia, and China and the DPRK.

— U.S. makes around China Belt own allies — Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Vietnam pulled even.

— Beijing makes his camp: North Korea, Pakistan, Myanmar.

— USA just "friends" with Pakistan and lead him to disaster — a clash with India.

— Arab, Muslim world "warm up" for his crushing, make it easier to enter in the "New World Order", which will establish favorites of the Great War. Iraq and Afghanistan are already area of controlled chaos, Pakistan, and Yemen on the brink of disaster. Egypt, Tunisia, Libya plunged into a "color revolution." Unrest go to Bahrain, Oman, Yemen, Algeria, Sudan, etc.

The last mission of the Russian Federation: to die for U.S.

Not so long ago in Moscow lectured South American political scientist Edward Luttwak, close to the circles of the U.S. Republican Party, who was invited as referred to as "Conservative Club", a very right wing of the party "United Russia". The higher functionaries of the wing and Mezhuev Remezov.

He stated that they prefer not to read aloud: "Today, Big Politics vorachivaetsya. Its main characters are not the U.S. and our homeland, while the U.S. and China. Accordingly, the position of the Russian Federation and its strategy should be quite different, if they were cool during the war.

As will develop a conflict between China and the U.S. (and this conflict is unavoidable at least for economic reasons: China will grow, and the United States will not give the Chinese their first place is just so), both sides will try to get allies.

Some countries are already divided among themselves. For example, China has Pakistan and the U.S. has India, and then the United States beat China. China has North Korea and the U.S. — South. The United States is Japan, and China is trying to gain a foothold in other countries of the region. The biggest battle will go for Russia. Then and Moscow will need to return to the true reality of that illusory reality in which it is currently. RF will need to discard unnecessary negativity towards America. This film is not in the interests of the Russian Federation itself.

The story is not over. But pause the last couple of years have been characterized by a lull in the international policy ends. Soon begin again a huge change, and our home should be ready for them. "

Russia and the Russian people want to use again, an opponent of the Russian Federation, China and appointed, in part, the Islamic world.

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