The most massive in many years occurred in fleet renewal TSB

MOSCOW, November 1 — RIA Novosti. More than 100 pieces of aircraft was received by the units and the Eastern Military District since the beginning of the year, said on Tuesday the spokesman for the district commander Lieutenant Colonel Igor Mugina.

"This is a major upgrade of the aircraft fleet in the east of Russia was the first time in many years," — he said.

In particular, at the disposal of the air base in the village of Chernigovka (Primorsky Krai) received 12 attack helicopters Ka-52, now perepodgotavlivayut crews on these machines. "In the autumn of the Army Air Corps received eight new Mi-8 AMTSH equipped with satellite navigation systems GLONASS and GPS», — noted Mugina.

In November, there are planning to get two transport helicopters Mi-26, which are designed for transport of oversized cargo and equipment weighing up to 20 tons. Attack aviation units in the county this year received 12 new Su-25SM, receipt of an additional 12 aircraft of this modification is planned for early next year.

This summer, the park district aircraft with two new multi-purpose fighter Su-30m2 and 46 Su-27SM.


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