The next burst of activity on the Sun

The next burst of activity on the Sun's interesting

On the dark side of the sun satellite STEREO-Behind (NASA) was recorded powerful flash. Despite the fact that the blast wave shut down the solar disk, it can be seen from Earth with the help of special equipment. It is established that the explosion occurred near the eastern limb of a two-day rotation of the visible part of the Sun. At the moment, the spot number 1393 is located in the western part of the limb, and it is not visible from Earth. But as the rotation of our planet, it will fall into scope.

Coronal mass ejection (CME) from the solar limb was certified long C-class flares. The new area of activity on our star, probably will end the period of "quiet" sun.


solar wind

speed: 404.8 km / s

density: 0.3 protons / cm ³

X-ray flares

6-hour maximum: C3 1323 UT, January 12

24-hour: C3 1323 UT, January 12

RF radiation

10.7 cm flux: 129 sfu

Planetary K-index

Now: Kp = 1 quiet

24-hour max: Kp = 2 quiet

interplanetary magnetic field

Btotal: 6.4 nT

Bz: 6.2 nT north

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