The number of dead in the Philippines after typhoon rising

The death toll after a typhoon in the Philippines is growing Natural Disasters

According to official reports, the number of victims of the typhoon Bohan, or, as it is called in the islands, Pablo, has reached 620-person. Lists of missing enriched considerably and now includes 817 residents and guests of the Philippines.

Unfortunately, the prognosis for finding those whose location is not known, more negative than comforting, and even seasoned rescuers begin to lose hope that they will find the majority of the list consisting of people. However, the search operations are continuing and to keep up the pace, especially since some remote place team has not had time to visit.

Of the 817-minute lost more than 500 missing in the valley Kompastella in Davao Oriental, which took the brunt of the typhoon. These territories were flooded, and most have been the pressure of the storm winds.

As reported by the extras, from the arrival of typhoon Bohai generally affected more than 1 million Filipino families, and about 5.4 million people. Of this number, 131,000 is still in the status of refugees, and temporary residents in 172 evacuation centers. The damage caused by typhoon is estimated at 159 million U.S. dollars.

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