The southwest Minnesota blizzard swept

The southwest Minnesota blizzard swept Weather and Climate

The Midwest U.S. is slowly moving powerful snowstorm. Snowfall is so abundant that after becoming neproezzhabelnymi road and accident-prone. According to reports from St. Paul International Airport in Minneapolis, around 355.6 mm of snow fell. In connection with this weekend Airport canceled 150 flights.

In Minnesota, it's heavy snowfall since then, two years ago under the weight of winter precipitation fell through the roof Metrodoum sports center. In 2012, the roof has been kept as the center owners do their best to melt the accumulated snow, while the air temperature ranges from -1 ° C to -6 ° C.

Visibility on the roads of the state has declined so much that some of them were officially forbidden to move even snow removal equipment. Patrol recorded more than 600 traffic accidents and at least 1140 cases of loss of vehicle control. The accident left one person dead and 63 injured.

In the neighboring state of Wisconsin because of snowstorms also complicate the situation on the roads. In South Dakota received more than 300 mm of snow that caused the closure of roads in the state. By mutual agreement, a number of schools above the state canceled or delayed classes.

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