The work of art or a device for ventilation?

The work of art or a device for ventilation? It is interesting

The existence of a special type of glass that reacts to heat and changes because of their capacity, many people know. Received a distribution and computer-controlled "curtains" that operate on the principle of traditional Arabic architecture, closing or opening, depending on the brightness of the sun. But at the University of Southern California for the first time managed to get a solid material which is able to dynamically respond to the flow of light or heat.

University has demonstrated its discovery, it has made out of an installation called "Flowers» ("Bloom"). Sculpture is a 14 000 pieces of new thermostatic bimetal, which changes its shape under the influence of solar heat. To "bloom" the inventor of the combined two of the finest leaf of the metal, each with its own mode of expansion. As one Fox expands in contact heat and the temperature rises a little faster than the other, the figure begins to twist. When the material is cooled again, everything takes the original flat shape.

In addition to the aesthetic appeal of the project is invaluable ecological potential, including for the construction industry. This can be a volatile metal ecological view any fan inside the building, replacing the existing ones conditioners. Thermostatic bimetal can also be used in the solar chimney, making them more effective, and the buildings in which they are established, are more environmentally friendly.

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