The world grain market there is a shortage of wheat

March 21, 14:57. Global demand for wheat is 15.4 million tons exceeds the amount collected in the current agricultural year of the crop. With this assessment by the Ministry of Agriculture of the USA.
His calculations common today on the world grain market.

Such a large deficit of the new wheat crop was not the last 4 years. It was noted in the 2010 floods and drought in various parts of the world have caused significant crop losses of wheat.

As a result, grain exchanges now had a steady excess of demand over supply. To eliminate the deficit, many countries are forced to ship wheat from its strategic reserves.

According to the estimates of U.S. experts, this year the global stocks of wheat will decrease by 7.8 percent. A consequence of the current situation will further increase the price of wheat, warn international experts.

Thus, according to their estimates for the second quarter of this year, a bushel of wheat will be released on the Chicago exchange beyond $ 8. Today the price of a bushel of wheat on it reaches 7,345 dollars.

Source: Russian Newspaper

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