There is a growing number of victims after typhoon Bohan

There is a growing number of victims after typhoon Bohai Natural Disasters

It is reported that the Philippines, the number of victims after the most powerful typhoon this year Bohai continues to grow and now stands at 477. In addition, because of the typhoon about a quarter of a million people homeless, as the winds and rains with flooding and landslides almost completely razed to the ground a few settlements on the island of Mindanao. These people are in temporary buildings, schools, gyms and other locations.

Rescue workers are still trying to find 380 missing people, identify which are not so easy, because most of them were poor migrants from other countries, usually without documents, who arrived in the Philippines to work in illegal gold mines and on the large plantations of bananas. During landslides migrants were not able to get out of the mine and died. For them will be created common graves to due to the number of corpses to prevent the spread of dangerous diseases.

Such events is complicated by the fact that the dead people are mired deep in the mud up to their knees in height, while the volunteers and rescue workers of the tools have only small shovels and their hands. As Bohai only slightly weakened, winds vnutrisistemy dropped to 110 km / h with gusts up to 140 km / h, a warning about the dangers of the typhoon announced in neighboring Indonesia and the other populated islands near the South China Sea.

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