Treaty on Conventional Armed Forces in Europe is no longer valid

Treaty on Conventional Armed Forces in Europe is no longer valid

Contract on ordinary Armed Forces in Europe, signed by more than 20 years ago, including the strengthening point in terms of trust between states Warsaw Pact and NATO, all died. This can be judged by the statements, all of which can often hear from representatives of the U.S. and NATO.

Before talk about the reasons, it is necessary first to recall what was the nature of this document. Middle of November 1990 in Paris between representatives of the Warsaw Pact and NATO signed a document known as the CFE Treaty. On the one hand, it significantly limited the number of heavy weapons, namely, tanks, armored vehicles, artillery, combat aircraft and attack helicopters. On the other hand, he has set certain quotas for this technique for each country to sign a contract. In total, they were equal to the Warsaw Pact and NATO. In addition, under the terms of the contract, each party to the contract every six months had to inform partners of their existence, with all this calling and coordinates certain military unit. So Makar, soldiers from a military unit or ATS could just arrive at the designated place and check how truthful is the acquisition of information. With all of this contract entered into force only legitimate first in November 1992, when none of the Warsaw Pact, nor Russian Union was no more. Is independent government was formed Our homeland. With all of this most of the countries that were part of the Warsaw Pact and were former Russian republics, became NATO members. So makarom quotas for military equipment in the alliance in a couple of times exceed Russian steel.
There is a need to adapt the contract to the new realities of the modern world situation that is actually saying, and it was made in Istanbul during the OSCE summit in November 1999. Coupled with that, the same state-NATO members signed the documents that had no relationship to the OSCE, which laid down a condition that the weapons fitted contract is ratified only in this case, if our homeland agrees to withdraw its troops from Moldova and Georgia.

From the Georgian countryside Our homeland withdrew its troops in 2005, not counting those of peacekeeping troops, who were in South Ossetia and Abkhazia. With areas of Moldova, Russian troops were withdrawn except as peacekeepers who were under bilateral agreements of the Russian Federation and Moldova and which monitors compliance with safety in Transnistria and guarded «controversial» military depots (Our homeland is considered their own, and Transnistria — his).

Despite the fact that the Russian side has fulfilled the conditions set by NATO has been slow to ratify the new CFE. In addition, the Baltic countries, which joined the alliance, this document is not joined. So Makar, there was a very of weird situation when soldiers from Estonia, Latvia or Lithuania could freely come to Russia to check every military unit for the presence of languid arms, at the same time, Russian military return visit could not apply, however, as these countries are not were parties to the contract.

Moscow more than once warned that if countries that have signed the CFE adapted ratify the document Our homeland will come out of it. But there was no reaction from NATO followed. As a result, in December 2007 there was a decree Russian head Vladimir Putin to suspend the country’s own role in the contract. In other words, the Russian military did not inform his own ex-partners about the presence, quantity and disposition languid arms in the country, did not perceive NATO inspection and did not send their inspection.

It is clear that this development angered Western favorites. But all comments Our homeland answered the same: first the ratification of a new contract, and only then — the return of in the CFE.

Then there were torture to resume negotiations on a treaty, but none of the parties to sacrifice their interests did not want to. As the head of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Sergey Lavrov, NATO puts quite mystical terms to Russia in order to return to the question of ratification of the CFE Treaty, namely, a return to an embodiment of the contract from which the Russian side had previously refused. All this, in the views of the minister, denies any meaning work on the dilemmas of control over ordinary armed forces.

All of this eventually led to a spokesman for the U.S. Victoria Nuland that the United States stopped the execution of a number of obligations under the contract with respect to the Russian Federation, so as Russian side did not fulfill the obligations undertaken in the Istanbul Summit.

According to the editor of «National Defense» Igor Korotchenko, in the new political realities of everyday Contract Armed Forces in Europe is no longer valid, it has lost its meaning. The reason is that after the collapse of the Warsaw Pact were formed new countries that have made the natural superiority of NATO forces. So Makar, the contract no longer has any meaning for Russia.

His outlook support and editor of the «Independent Military Review» Victor Litovkin, who is sure that the CFE Treaty will be returned. In the West, not recognized as independent states of South Ossetia and Abkhazia, located on the European countryside. In addition, the new agreement will not be signed and because South American tactical nuclear weapons, which are not part of the CFE Treaty. Our homeland like guns on foreign soil has not.

Experts are convinced that the new contract if he also concluded, must take into account not only the amount of the heavy military equipment, and the South American missile defense system «Aegis», which will be based on the ships in the Norwegian, Baltic and Mediterranean seas, they are also similar systems that Americans plan located on the territory of European countries. In addition, it is necessary to take into account the event that there is no real danger to NATO countries do not exist.

Together, the absence of Contract everyday Armed Forces in Europe — this is the problem not only for the alliance and the United States, and for Russia. After Russian side is also interested in transparency and verification of NATO forces on the ground in Europe. This approach will help make an environment of trust, which presently obviously not observed.

According to the views of military professionals to return to the dialogue of ratification adapted CFE Treaty, the conditions must be very clear and open. And since we have nothing, then it is logical that it all ended so specifically Makar.

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