U.S. South was invaded snowy tornado

U.S. South was invaded snowy tornado Natural Disasters

According to witnesses, at least six tornadoes swept over the four southern states in the U.S. for one night earlier this week. Their force was so great that under the impact craters could not withstand the roofs and walls of houses, as well as fragments of tubes and pumps from the local gas pipelines.

This event is not only surprising number of tornadoes, who managed to leave a mark on the southern United States in such a short space of time, but the fact that they were formed and gained power in an uncharacteristic season. Indeed, in mid-December, the tornado season is generally considered private. Most of all, this time hit Alabama and Florida.
In the area of Edgewater, Florida, a tornado damaged 40 buildings, and 12 others were razed to the foundation. Fortunately, all of the victims were still alive, and only two people after such devastation injured. The main blow fell on the village tornado Terra-Mar. Who lives in Alabama, no one was injured, but a gas station on the road I-165 will require a thorough overhaul, since it lost the pumps.
Despite the fact that the tornado subsided in from Daytona Beach to Fort Myers, Florida wind power can catch up with the storm, are also possible hail and rainfall of 76 to 101 mm.

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