Weather chaos in the U.S.

Weather chaos in the United States Weather and Climate

Arkansas, Illinois, Tennessee, Louisiana, Missouri, Kentucky, Ohio, Alabama, Mississippi, Indiana, Louisiana and Michigan suffered from a sudden gust tornado. Prediction Center report on the further development and growth of the elements of the wind over some parts of the Mississippi Valley and the lower reaches of the river. Ohio. The most vulnerable to the twistor north Mississippi, west Tennessee and eastern Arkansas, where most tornadoes happen at night, damaging power lines.

In Alabama dominates a strong cold front from the west, met with the warm moist air from the Gulf of Mexico. In Mississippi, recorded wind gusts up to 128 km / h and hail the size of a golf ball. In Texas, the increased risk of fire.

On the other part of the U.S. dominates another storm front. In the central and southern parts of California are expected loss of 15-30 cm of snow in mountainous areas (in the Rocky Mountains to 1 meter), and the poor visibility and strong winds. Fortunately, occurred in Reno, Nevada, heavy snowfall helped to cope with the undamped fire destroyed 30 homes and left a local residents homeless.

In southeast Minnesota and Wisconsin on the road marked ice and snow precipitation. To the north of the Midwestern United States, in southeastern North Dakota and west central Minnesota has dropped to 10 cm of snow.

North-eastern states of the U.S. soon will feel the impact of the storm quickly approaching from central Pennsylvania. In Massachusetts and Rhode Island snow cover may reach 30 cm This weather pattern will continue in the country in the coming days.

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