Why did not the Nazis captured Moscow?

In one of the shows Pozner argued that in 1941, the Russian roads, prevented the Germans to take Moscow. Obviously, Posner is not the first one who tries so makarom downplay the heroism of Russian soldiers in the defense of the capital, exaggerating the role of roads, general climate.

This trend is clearly visible, and the British military theorist L. Hart, which in the book "The strategy of indirect actions" tried "to prove" that the defeat of the Germans at Moscow identified the bad roads impassable gryazyuka, the deepest snow. "By the time — he wrote — when the operation was completed under Viaz'ma, winter came, and the Germans could not develop a success because the roads leading to Moscow, covered with impenetrable mucky." And further: "If I have been a court investigation into the disaster the German campaign in 1941, then the only solution would be -"Defeat as a result of natural circumstances. "Then comes the final conclusion:" The German troops were not defeated the enemy, and the place. "Hitler's Past Gen. G.Guderian reason for the defeat of the German troops near Moscow also beheld a "terrible Russian winter" which Tipo "won the battle."

But after bad roads, climate, frost acted more ruthlessly and Russian soldiers. According KKRokossovsky, the deepest snow, extreme cold made it difficult to us to use the maneuver to the side of the road to cut off the retreat of the enemy. So the German generals, rightly concludes Russian Marshal should thank serious winter which facilitated their departure from Moscow, with minimal losses, and not refer to the fact that the Russian winter was a prerequisite for their losses (see KK Rokossovsky "Soldier's Duty").

Prerequisite for genuine defeat the Nazis near Moscow became the heroism of its defenders, as part of which included representatives from all sectors of our Fatherland. Expressing their thoughts, Ukrainian poet Joseph Nekhoda wrote: "In the snow, in the first 40 under Istria / / Fire obscuring Moscow / / I am a firm believer: Dwell! — II and I survived. And I live!" ….

Even our enemies had to admit invincible resistance defenders of the motherland. "Russian warriors — admitted German Gen.-Field Marshal Kesselring, — they fought heroically and stalled the coming of our forces, who were almost motionless. "

Another Hitler Gen. Westphal acknowledged that "… the main bulk of the Russian army, inspired by the commissioners, fought to the end." Well, Mr. Guderian seem to come to its senses, still later acknowledged that Western leaders "underestimate the power of the Russian Union of its technical and military capabilities, industrial capacity, organizational talent managers, just like and the possibility of the high command, and because of his political thought. main thing — it's the last power of the idea that the system provides the Russian sympathies of broad masses of the poor, even provides a languorous days when success is unclear "(G.Guderian" Is it possible to protect Western Europe? "p.46).

So Makar, we can say that Pozner is among the Mohicans, who until now endeavor to diminish the award of the peoples of the Union of Russian majestic in crushing the Nazi war machine. He was not even the recognition of Winston Churchill says that specifically Reddish Army "has squeezed the guts out of the German war machine."

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