Why not throw our homeland Syria?

Why Russia will not betray Syria?There is only personal opinion, without any reference to the policy.

For me, as for many others, the confrontation of the legitimate government of Syria, and terrorist groups is the problem of virtual emanating from the screen, "the speaker box."

Yet, analyzing what is happening now with the way the coverage in the Russian media fight the Libyan government with foreign mercenaries, I concluded that Syria will not hand over our government. I will try to expand its position on friday:

1. The volume of incoming info and its sources

Remember Libya. Specifically, reports from that country during that period. Neither Russian channel did not show the point of view that the government troops were fighting with foreign terrorists. If similar and expressed, that as reservations or how the findings of some professionals.

At the same time, full-relayed frames that are forwarded to the Libyan "rats". Here the destroyed tank and there cheering on the background of the camera "true Libyans."

The main source disk imaging Russian media channels have been … "Al-Jazeera" and "Al-Arabiya". Sorry, but what we did not have their own journalists in the region? Of course, they were. I especially etched in my memory reports about the plane Gaddafi, who seized the terrorists. Reports of the offenders ransacked the house of Gaddafi. Well, favorite frames torn Libya, which twisted the whole day in the central Russian channels (this is a child-then), and there is nothing to read.

So Makar, Our homeland is not simply sought to convey the truth about the Libyan conflict. In the region almost put off Russian journalists. The main source disk imaging were obviously biased proplachennye and Arabic channels.

Let's go back to Syria. Russian journalists in flak jackets in the center of each military operation Syrian army. At 100 percent of the reports referred to as the Syrian army specifically the Syrian army, and in the definition of the term "Government of Syria" does not use the word "regime."

Neuzh Syrian confrontation is the least insecure than Libyan. You do not. The region has already killed several journalists. And yet, Russian journalists broadcast from the front, showing all the ugliness of terrorists. This implies only one thing, our media is given a smooth installation "Show the Syrian government, as the only guarantor of peace and tranquility in the country."

2. The reaction of the first persons of the country

Let's go back to Libya. I do not want to find the source disk imaging. You yourself remember it then the first person of the Russian Federation with a very unusual and misunderstood excuses about "the illegitimate leader", "tens of hundreds killed by the bullets of the Gaddafi regime" (direct attention to the use of the word "regime" for reports filed permanently with the word respect to the legitimate government of Libya).
The climax of this man was speaking, pushed people in the phrase: "Gaddafi is Muamarr in Russia shake hands with person."

I'm not talking about a chuckle at the press conference, when foreign journalists were asked about how is our favorite in the killing of Gaddafi? In response, our only razulybalsya and said that he is not aware of these events. By the way, direct attention to how badly she worked in Libya, our intelligence, if the head of the country's vyznat so important just from strangers. Well, either it is again a question of top-down installation: "Inform exclusively in an appropriate manner."

In the resignation was sent salting in Libya who dared to make an objection led the country. Even the Minister of Foreign Affairs Sergey Lavrov stated the position of their country with such a person, as if he was forced to smile while eating a lemon.

In the end, no noticeable meetings with representatives of Gaddafi's government did not bother to spend our. I'm not talking about the visit when our notable chess player (I think Margelov) played with Gaddafi in the game of chess at the camera. It was a pity to look at these ambassadors, a game which was like a last wish fulfillment of a condemned prisoner's execution.

SYRIA. Do I need any comments regarding our top officials on the situation in this country? I think not. "Syria is exposed to external attacks," "undermine Syria external forces", "Some countries in the region should eat a mitten, otherwise the world will forget about their existence" (a free interpretation of the words Churkin against Qatar).

Protection built in Syria Rank Absolute. Do not miss even hints at the beginning of the war in Syria.

One immediately recall with shame the Libyan "abstinence" of representatives of the Russian Federation from voting for fatal for Libya UN Security Council resolution on the implementation of the country's "no-fly zone." We all remember flying Libyan tanks and peaceful people who ironed other peaceful Libyan people. They soared, however, only in the main due to the blast NATO bombs.

In other words, first, our government has defined a single position — do not throw Syria.

3. Availability disk imaging

Outline it on a small, but very revealing.

We have already mentioned that information about ongoing events in Libya from government sources, it was virtually impossible. But by today's "freedom" web of this barrier was breached.

On the Russian website "Zakadddafi.ru" published information about what is happening in Libya from the mouth of the defense of this country. If you only knew how many times the breaking open and closed access to this website. He was transferred to other servers, and it lasted for an attack on a Web site. After all, in the day of death of Gaddafi website just was blocked. The same thing happened the next day or two.

Let's go back to Syria. Full highlights the work of "the Syrian army power", which is the main task — to show the world the real face of foreign terrorists in Syria. In addition, almost day or broadcast of Syrian satellite channels that have ceased to relay the signal via Arab satellites (because of the brutal attitude of the latter) was transferred to Russian.

It says that our homeland is committed to ensuring that the world saw the full picture of the events taking place in Syria.

Summarizing the above spoken, again, I did not want to go into politics. I ordinarily think that Russia then just thrown, promising to throw in the Libyan our businesses and projects, and to pay the supply of arms to the country.

What happened in the end, everything is clear. Having learned the hard way, our country (More precisely, its officials) do not want to repeat the same mistakes of their own.

God forbid, if I'm right! I wish you strength and victory legitimate Syrian favorites — Bashar al-Assad! Syrian citizens of the world! And the position of the fate of all Syrian "rats"!

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