SibNIA satisfied with the flight test remotorizirovannogo An-2ms

Flight tests remotorizirovannogo An-2ms conducted FSUE "Siberian Research Institute of Aviation them. Chaplygina" (SibNIA), showed the promise of modernization carried out by the Institute, told reporters director Vladimir SibNIA Badger.

During the work, the purpose of which — improving the economic efficiency of the An-2, has been replaced piston-62IR engine turboprop on Honeywell TPE331-12. In addition, set screw manufactured by Hartzell Propeller (USA), an autonomous diesel generator, engine block heater and passenger compartment heater, engine anti-icing system and screws, as well as manufactured and installed hood made of composite materials. According to him, remotorization without modification airframe, although the installation

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A few words about the premises of the Soviet-Finnish war of 1939-1940

Finland — in contrast to Poland — to join it to Russia in 1809, has never been an independentStatebut was a long time ago won a part of Sweden. As a result, Russian-Swedish War of 1808-1809 the territory of the future of the Finnish state was ceded to Russia. Similarly, stories with "Kingdom of Poland" was not only a manifestation of the will of the Russian, but the result of the preceding brief war in 1812, "zigzag" European geopolitics.

The Great War of 1812-1815's as if to protect us from the events

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Shops and zhildoma in Norway were under water

June 3, 2013. Due to the heavy rains that are now coming in many regions of Europe, and Norway also suffered. Thus, the main street of Oslo, Karl Johans Gate blocked due to flooding. On some sections of the road water height was 30-40 cm, and all because of the fact that rain water system is unable to cope with the load due to the large amount of water.

Yesterday, on Sunday evening, the water flooded located near the central railway station metro station and tram links. Also completely flooded basements of several homes and first floors of the local

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Farewell to Africa

Sensational film, shot in 1966 by two talented Italian documentary Gualtiero Dzhakopetti and Franco Prosperi. In most reviews of the film you will find the following in the bottom line, thinking, impartially to remove the tape, showing the essence of the African people, which manifests itself immediately if they are left to themselves. What is this entity? Savagery, barbarism, senseless brutality, abnormal blood lust, asocial. This results in endless civil wars, the destruction of protected animals, genocide and other pleasures of life, free from the hegemony of the white man.

In our view the critical

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Siberians are turning to the production of the first Russian to extreme thermal conditions

Uncooled FPA

Specialists of the Institute of Semiconductor Physics (ISP) name Rzhanova SB RAS for the first time in Russia will produce thermal infrared photodetectors, allowing to see the different objects in complex environments, the end of the first batch of devices will go to the customer — the state corporation "Rosatom", told RIA Novosti the head of the department Victor Institute Ovsyuk.

Uncooled matrix photodetectors that are created in the Institute, allow up to five kilometers in the infrared in the spectrum of thermal radiation to consider objects in the dark, fog and smoke. They can be used

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In Kemerovo held June snowfall

June 2, 2013. Because of the cold wave in the summer of Kemerovo started with snowfall. Unaccustomed to June 2, precipitation walked a few minutes.

The beginning of summer in the Kemerovo region has stood quite unusual: in the region of snow fell, according to ITAR-TASS. Anomaly surprised kemerovchan, which are divided into social networks photos and videos with the June snow.

According to witnesses, the snow was literally a few minutes and quickly melted. "The trees are white, as in the winter, very cold. Interesting times have come with us, "- wrote one of the residents of

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Siberia provides its residents work

Novosibirsk region: has the lowest overall unemployment rate in the SFO

Novosibirskstat once again published a sample survey data on employment. According to studies, the overall unemployment rate in the Novosibirsk region in February-April of this year, up 5%. This is the lowest in the Siberian Federal District, and below the average for Russia. Thus, according to the SFO during the period he was 7.7%, in Russia — 6.3%. Recall, the overall unemployment rate — the ratio of the unemployed to the economically active population. As noted in the Ministry of Labour, Employment and Human Resources, one of the positive

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In China, the squid found inside the existing bomb


Meter-long squid was caught in shallow water in the Chinese province of Guangdong.

"This species is found near the coast and usually feeds on fish and shrimps — told the local paper merchant named Chang. — Perhaps, the animal took a bomb for something to eat and swallow it. When the squid was caught, he had a huge, bloated belly. "  

Ammunition weighing 1.5 kg resembles eggplant.

The police believe that many years ago a bomb dropped from a military

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Siberian weapon for the Russian army

DIC Omsk region got its second wind by increasing defense contracts, as well as a large-scale conversion In the first three months of 2011, the main business Omsk defense industry produced goods worth more than 3 billion rubles. In general, an increase over the previous year did not exceed 2%, but that could change — in 2011, the Russian state defense order will reach 1.5 trillion rubles. Higher dynamics of growth of industrial production in Omsk defense, of course, is fixed by the new development and increasing the share of defense contracts. However, to stay afloat, "the defense" can only

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Murmansk 24, Marseille — 17

May 29, 2013. Cold predlete in Europe has become a byword. The media are full of ironic messages on "autumn" rains in Provence and the "summer" snowfall in Bavaria. Plus 20 in Madrid, usually in mid-April, and then on the nose in June!

Cold mistral wind has once again postponed the beginning of the summer season on the Cote d'Azur in France. Because of them in sub-tropical Marseille temperature does not rise above 17 degrees.

But in the arctic Murmansk warm winds from southern latitudes and almost on the eve of the summer solstice set a temperature record (24.0). The

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