Its time to throw? Sweden is waiting for you, revealing to you his strong arms. Letter from Stockholm

The queue at the soup kitchen for the homeless. Stockholm March 25, 2012

Comment on article "Progress in Swedish"

Subscribing … to every word in the article can still add a lot of things about what outside Sweden are not even aware continuing to push out Sweden for some made-up first place in some fictional ratings, apparently someone inside or outside the country's best.

0. There is no presumption of innocence does not exist in Sweden. A person always has to prove that he is not a camel. The fact that a person can claim a camel any

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Require legalize same-sex incest

Immediately after the legalization of same-sex adoptions Europe today discussing the legalization of incest. Politicians Evrosodoma openly in the press and on TV are the "incest" as a European "gender norm". The concept "Intsestofobii" all "intsestofobov" is proposed to punish. Gender norm admits sex between father and daughter, mother and son, brother and sister, and all the relatives, including blood. "Same-sex" or, as they call themselves a "new gender community," promoting incest legal in Sweden, Denmark and Switzerland. Publication in the European media

2010. SWEDEN, Document 1. «». Article: Deputy Riksdag (Swedish Parliament) of the Social-Democrats offers legalize incest

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Scraping the sky

Regions do not want to fall behind. In an effort to meet the capital of several modes of power-cities milionnikov started a project is very reminiscent of the "Moscow City". However, it is suspected that some of these buildings are at risk last for decades.

Once upon a plan to build a "Moscow-City" was more like the idea of the construction of the village of Great Stallions own skyscraper, the roof of which could be proudly contemplate the surrounding woods and fields. Neither business nor the city as a whole to such projects were not ready. But

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Landslide in Kiev

May 30, 2013. Landslide on the street Peter (hillside Kudryavets), which was reported last week, found gorvlastyami the most destructive in the capital for the year. The land there is already destroyed 24 boxes.

"I will refer to some 4 million cubic meters of soil. That's a lot. A landslide on Vozdvizhenka — 250 cubes "- said the head of Nicholas SUPPRa Semenishin, adding that the landslide has not stopped. In this area a very high water table. "On Monday, we sent a letter to Alexander Popov. Please take action, we are afraid the next break, "- says the chairman

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Speed mobile Internet in Chita per day increased tenfold

Residents of the capital transbaikalian among the first in the east of Russia gained access to advanced communication technologies. MTS today announced the launch of Chita fourth-generation network — 4G. It provided a speed of up to 75 Mbit / s, which is ten times higher than in the previous network — 3G, the head of the Department of Information and Communication of the Trans-Baikal Territory, Viktor Alekseev.

On the first day of the 4G network users are able to catch the Chita and the surrounding villages. New technology has allowed comfortably watch streaming HD-video, participate in

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Waves from lightning fall into space

Waves from lightning fall into space Scientists prove

At any time, about 2,000 thunderstorms rolled across the earth, giving rise to 50 lightning. When lightning flashes, it produces low-frequency waves, which circulate around the Earth at an altitude of 96 kilometers. This phenomenon is called the Schumann Resonance.

Until recently it was thought that energy is "trapped" between the ground and the ionosphere, without going beyond it. But the electric field vector of instrument Goddard (VEFI) found that some low-frequency waves penetrate from the lower atmosphere into space.

NASA scientist Fernardo Simos first published his research on the Internet November

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Stonehenge — the mystery of an ancient civilization



Stonehenge is in English Wiltshire and is an impressive stone structure built in the Neolithic Age. Medieval Legends called builders Stonehenge magician Merlin (character legends of King Arthur), and even the devil himself. In modern times, there were versions that builders Stonehenge were the Romans or Celts. But modern scholars have found that construction of Stonehenge was over 1500 years before the Celts came to Britain.


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Rate of airborne combat vehicles will increase by 2 billion rubles

Defense upgrades BMD sample of the 1970s to the machine level in 1985

To save the Defense Ministry instead of buying new airborne combat vehicles (BMD) of the third generation will modernize the 40-year-old BMD-1. Under the terms of the competition, published on the site procurement, old machines, the production of which was completed in 1987, will replace the engine, gun, fire control and communication systems. As a result, should get a BMD-2, which do not produce more than 10 years.

The cost of upgrading 135 vehicles valued at 1.9 billion rubles — for 14.8 million apiece. The military

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New Russian cargo drone

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The Pentagon — fiend

The fact that the Pentagon is doing in the world is going on and inside the Pentagon. Recent data presented in the study of agency SWAN (Service women's action network is an original research in the format of PDF, given here) Addresses military relations in the Pentagon, will make anyone wonder. However, there is a hatred of all these people carrying in the world is not free, and all the most disgusting and the lowest, which is generally only possible to imagine. It's safe to say that the scum who get up to all these filthy things cause enormous harm

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