Asian cities under threat of natural disasters

April 1. Global warming leads to such storms, droughts and heat shock, and in some places flood, the people of the world that it's time to stock plan in the event of another natural disaster not previously experienced destructive force. Should be especially on guard zones with high population density, poor regions of the planet, although from natural disturbances are not perfect, the new tropical cyclones, floods and droughts threaten everything from Mumbai to Miami.

The impact of rising temperatures and sea levels each year bring damage to the global economy U.S. $ 80 billion. Often the result

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Modern Machine Tool cluster is created by Don

As part of its formation on March 5, Rostov Region Governor Vasily Golubev signed a protocol of cooperation with investors — companies "MTE Group" and KOVOSVIT MAS (Czech Republic).

The meeting with the businessmen was held in Moscow at the International Investment Forum "Terms and prospects for production metalworking equipment in the Russian Federation."

The project to create the base of the cluster production is realized with the participation of the "Group of MTE" and KOVOSVIT MAS in the city of Azov in 2012. The total investment will exceed 808 million rubles. Of these, 230 million rubles

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European integration of Yugoslavia is in full swing

Contaminated water sources, old cars, dotted with waste because of the lack of garbage collection roadsides and outdated thermal power plants transform Kosovo into a dustbin in the heart of Europe. "In a poor and technologically backward country environmental issues fade into the background" — indicates a special correspondent for Le Temps in Pristina Piotr Smolar.

According to statistics, environmental pollution causes annual losses amounting to 221 million euro and becomes the cause of premature death 835 citizens. Much of the damage — on account of outdated power plants "Kosovo A" and "Kosovo B" of the corporation KEK.


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Modern farmyard for yaroslavok

In the Yaroslavl region on the enterprise "Plemzavod Gorshiha" opened a new yard for breeding stock. According to conservative estimates, there will accommodate about 500 heifers, 500 are in the nearby farmyard, which was built last year.

On pedigree farm in the Yaroslavl region is one of the best breeds of cows — Yaroslavl, it brought in the nineteenth century. Distinctive advantages of this breed — amazing quality of milk.

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High seismic activity, tearing Africa in two parts

In northeastern Africa, in the deserts of Ethiopia's erupting volcano Erta Ale. In the crater of the volcano was always bubbling mass of silver-black lava. But in November 2010, the volcano began erupting again, waking up after decades of inaction. (University of Bristol / Lorraine Field)

Cracks began to appear a few years ago. But in recent months, seismic activity in the north-eastern Africa has intensified, reflected in a slow and gradual break of the continent. Researchers say that lava in this area as a result of magma streamed, usually seen on the sea floor, and that eventually

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Modern breeding and seed production center opens in Leningrad region

The Minister of Natural Resources of the Russian Federation Sergey Donskoy, the head of the Federal Forestry Agency, Vladimir Lebedev, the governor of the Leningrad region, Alexander Drozdenko together with the residents of the city of Luga landed on May 18, young pine trees in Cheremenetskom district forestry and opened a modern breeding and seed center, built by the regional forest management. Pine seedlings were planted in the area of 5.6 ha.

Construction of the center began in August 2011. Already in the early summer of 2012 laid the first batch of forest crops. In autumn they were

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Flooding in western Greece

Flooding in western Greece Natural Disasters

In the city of Pyrgos in western Greece on February 5, floods killed 82-year old woman who was found in the citrus garden. 22 people are alive thanks to the efforts of rescue crews. For one day in the rescue received 300 calls about flooding.

At the moment, the local hospital organized the evacuation of 90 patients, the monastery threatened by a landslide. In the surrounding villages because of the heavy rains of emergency was declared.

In rescue organizations involved more than 30 fire engines and a search helicopter, two boats and tracked bulldozer,

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Nikolai Karamzin about education abroad

The Frenchman, who has lived long in Russia and returned to his homeland, published from there to Moscow newspapers, near Paris, he started a boarding school for young Russian noblemen and invites parents to send him out of Russian children by their education, promising to teach them all the necessary, Especially as Russian language! Tenacious in solitude, I do not know what others think about this ad. I think it's more funny than annoying: for I am confident that our nobles will not want to take advantage of the benevolent suggestion of Mr. NN flighty French — have been

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Elliptical lunar halo

April 25, 2013. Elliptical lunar halo: Full Moon is approaching and that means that you will see ice halo around the moon. April 22 Darrel Laskombl Soynchula of settlement, British Columbia (Canada) saw an unusual halo. It was not round, as usual, and elliptical:

"It seems that I had not seen an elliptical halo around the moon — said Laskombl. — I looked up and just stared for a minute. Then he ran home behind the camera. I managed to photograph it before it's gone. "

Les Cowley, an expert on otpike the atmosphere, a phenomenon commented: "A

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Interstitial cystitis

What's this

Interstitial cystitis — is non-infectious inflammation of the bladder. Patients are irritative symptoms when urinating, which are caused by a decrease in bladder capacity and pain that arise when full (usually stoped when emptying the bladder) Urine bacterial flora and cytology negative for the disease is not detected any other urologic pathology .

Why did this happen

The cause of IC is unknown. Proposed many theories: the infectious, lymphatic congestion, neuropathy, failure of the protective layer of the bladder, psychological disorders, immunological disorders, exposure to toxic products contained in the urine. To date, none of these theories

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