Grand Parade of planets 6-7 August 2010

In the near future, namely the 6-7 August 2010 will be a very interesting astronomical phenomenon. As many as six planets — Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus will line up almost in a straight line (within 5 degrees) (perfectly straight lines with the participation of so many planets does not happen naturally, so the position of the planets within a few degrees is considered as one line) . Earth is positioned halfway between Jupiter and Uranus on the one hand and Venus, Mars and Saturn on the other.

From the Earth would look like this:

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Hosted the first test operation of the new airport terminal Donetsk

Hosted the first test operation of the new terminal of Donetsk airport. This was reported in the Enterprise "International airport" Donetsk ".

The main purpose of the test operation — to make sure that the building will function properly as intended by designers, builders and management of the airport.

Test operation took about three hours. The event was attended by volunteers, which was held a short briefing on safety. Then the volunteers were given individual scenarios and evaluation forms. After that, the service scenario was played arriving passengers.

At the end of test operation of the volunteers completed the

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Medications: tested on humans 2/2


In developed countries, on drugs annually consumes about 50 billion euros. Companies profiting in this market are included in the lists of the world's largest corporations. New drugs are first tested on animals, and then to turn thousands of guinea people, according to the test reports, lasting for years, broken down into four successive phases. Upon completion of tests if drugs are found to be safe and effective, they will be put on sale. However, residents of the western countries are less willing to participate in experiments. Pot for more than 10 years as

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Took the first delivery of the Russian helium to South Korea

Orenburg, 18.01.2011g. As part of the development of the helium industry of the Russian Federation OOO "Gazprom Orenburg" and LLC "Krior" organized a shipment from Orenburg to South Korea container with 40 cubic meters of liquid helium.

This is the first in the history of our country Orenburg helium supply in the Asia-Pacific Region (APR).

The container will be an automobile route Orenburg — Chelyabinsk — Omsk — Novosibirsk — Krasnoyarsk — Blagoveshchensk — Khabarovsk — Find, length of 8.5 thousand kilometers. Then, in the port of Nakhodka container is flooded by sea, which

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In Austria, an avalanche came down

In Austria, an avalanche came down Natural Disasters

Western Austrian province of Vorarlberg completely cut off from the outside world after the avalanche, paralyzing road and rail transport in the region. The driver of a car moving in avalanche west on highway one of Vorarlberg, was taken to hospital.

In connection with the incident was closed by one of the railroad tracks leading to the federal state of Tyrol. Difficult for vacationers were piled snow popular ski resorts of Lech, Zürs and Stuben, located on a ridge Arlberg. The dead are not reported.

In Austria, the snow continues, the last

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Ladder rungs of 3500 in India



Incredibly beautiful artificial ladder in India, consisting of 3,500 steps, which allow people to go down to get water all year round. Despite the open architecture of the temperature at the bottom of the well is less than 5.5 S.

It is made of dark volcanic stone porous, allowing water to seep through the walls and the floor, as well as replenishing with rain water from above. The object of the classical Hindu architecture with 1,200 years of

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We — Anglo-Saxons.

Mark Twain 1906.

I do not know, for better or worse, but we continue to teach Europe. We have been doing this for more than one hundred twenty-five years. No one invited us to the teachers, we impose on ourselves. After all, we — the Anglo-Saxons. Last winter, at a banquet at the club, which is called "the far end of the Earth," the chairman, retired military high rank, proclaimed with a loud voice and with great enthusiasm: "We — the Anglo-Saxons and Anglo-Saxons when something ought to, he goes and gets".

Chairman's statement caused a storm of applause.

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There was a shipment of equipment for the Smolensk NPP

June 25, 2012 held a shipment of two remote-controlled machines, designed and manufactured by JSC "CDBMB" for the Smolensk nuclear power plant. Shipped machines are an integral part of a complex remote-controlled equipment for cutting and preparation of spent nuclear fuel to a long "dry" storage at the Federal State Unitary Enterprise "MCC" (g.Zheleznogrsk).

At present, the same set of remote-controlled device was put into operation at the Leningrad nuclear power plant, at the Kursk nuclear power plant is an installation of individual pieces of equipment.

These works were carried out in the framework of the development of

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The consequences of disasters since the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro in 1992

Image clickable 1600? 1131

Over the past twenty years, according to conservative estimates, because of natural disasters killed 1.3 million people, one way or another affected 4.4 million people and resulted in economic losses of $ 2 trillion. This is a staggering figure when you consider what this means in terms of lost opportunities, ruined lives, lost property, destroyed schools and health facilities, cultural loss and damaged infrastructure.

In 1992, the United Nations organized a conference on environment and development in Rio de Janeiro — the Earth Summit. The purpose of the conference was to rethink economic

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Foreign bodies of the eye

The cause of injury can be any foreign body, released to the eye. Because of a large number of nerve endings in the eye of even microscopic particles, trapped under the eyelid may seem daunting.

Foreign bodies can be pieces of metal particles, dust, sand, lime, glass, gnats and more. Thus begins immediately profuse watery eyes — and the more superficial situated foreign body, the more pronounced symptoms of irritation eye.

Metal particles also cause severe eye irritation. For example, a man knocking hammer on metal, andsome moment to notice that in the eyes, it would seem,

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