Climate policy farewell to science

October 4, 2013. UN again frightened humanity threat of global warming, a report on which was presented to the catastrophic scenario was nothing more than science fiction. Despite this, the European Commission has already announced its ambitious plans in the area of "climate legislation."

Proponents of the theory of global warming hit themselves. Through the efforts of prominent climatologists-alarmists, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, the UN released a report that hit the scientific community of his anti-scientific. "It is very likely (with 95 percent accuracy), more than half the value of the warming of the earth's surface in 1950? 2010 is caused by emissions of carbon dioxide associated with human activity", — the report says that scientists have named a collection of pseudo-scientific fairy tales. On the basis of the report prepared by the atlas, which must clearly show the general public the "horrors" of global warming, if humanity does not stop carbon emissions. Thus, according to UN experts, by 2081 the average temperature in Western Europe should increase by 4? 5 degrees in Eastern Europe — by 7? 9, and in Siberia more than 11 degrees. The amount of precipitation on the territory of Germany and France will increase by 40? 50 percent.

"The latest report dropped to the level of absurd nonsense — admitted one of the leading climate scientists, MIT professor Richard Lindzen (Richard Lindzen). — They report greater confidence in their models, but the gap between the models and the observed reality only grows. " The scientist notes that the authors of the report chose to ignore the fact that for the past 17 years, raising the temperature was not observed: "The fact that, during this time there was no rise in temperature, they justify the fact that allegedly took heat into the deep ocean. However, this assumption simply means that their models can not simulate the heat exchange between the land surface and the ocean. "

In this case, it is on the basis of dubious experts build models catastrophic scenarios that have already picked up many of the "green" policies. "As for their models, they deserve less confidence than monthly forecast from meteorologist drunk — said in an editorial publication Investor's Business Daily. — Just a few months ago, the publication Nature Geoscience published a study that showed that climate sensitivity to CO2 less than an order of magnitude of those values, operated by the experts panel. It is clear that the policy has long managed a science out of the body. In this, we are confident to 110 percent. "

However, the degree of dubious scientific UN report does not bother the European Commissioner for climate policy Connie Hedegaard (Connie Hedegaard), required in connection with this publication to tighten control of carbon dioxide emissions: "On the day when science with 100 percent accuracy confirms threat global warming, it will be too late. Why put yourself at greater risk, at stake in the health of the planet? Europe will continue to hold a leading position in the fight against global warming. We have ambitious plans in the area of legislation. " Here, in this phrase lies the clue of global climatic phenomenon, because exercise is not any there, and it has ambitious plans — the dream of every politician.

Source: Russian Germany

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