Cyclone Giovanna continues offensive

Cyclone Giovanna continues offensive Natural Disasters

As of February 13, 2012 Tropical Cyclone Giovanna moving west-south-westerly direction to a. Madagascar at a speed of 24 km / h It is expected that in the coming days the cyclone intensified and finally take the Mozambique Channel.

Giovanna is already assigned to Category 4 of danger due to the fact that the wind speed increased to 232 km / h with gusts to 272 km / h According to data from the satellite, the pressure inside the cyclone rose to 925 mbar. Eye of the cyclone with cold air masses inside took shape and grew to 40 nm in diameter. Because of the long time to keep hurricane force Giovanna more and more like the annual tropical cyclones.

According to forecasts, the major rain storm will hit the coastal city Vatomandri, Andevoranto, Brikvil and the capital of Madagascar, Antananarivo. Despite the fact that the closer to the land, Giovanna weakened somewhat expected gusty winds, heavy rain and high coastal waves of about 5 meters is a serious threat to the residents of the central part of the island.

Recent data on the cyclone track Giovanna.

Giovanna cyclone development

Giovanna is a danger to the south-east coast of Africa, recently affected by floods triggered by Cyclone Funso. From regular rains and massive flooding Mozambicans can save only that of 15-17 February, Giovanna weakened after passing the mountainous regions of. Madagascar. But Typhoon Warning Center suggests that a tropical cyclone is able to increase, passing over the strait.

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