Exercises held in the Baltic Fleet

In the Baltic Fleet will be held tactical exercises of different forces on amphibious landings and defense of the coast.

At Thursday, August 30, at the site "Khmelevka" in the Kaliningrad region will control tactical exercise groups of naval forces by landing on unequipped coast. Marines in the fire support ship strike group, as well as ground attack and fighter aircraft of the Western Military District (WEST) will land from the sea to the coast and a foothold for the development of the offensive.

The landing will be made with large amphibious ships and aircraft transport aircraft BF. To assist the Marines with the AN-26 and Ka-27 PS will be landed on the coast of tactical air landing and a group of engineering razgrazhdeniya. 

In total, the teaching will be involved about 20 surface ships, boats and supply vessels, more than 60 pieces of equipment coastal forces and engineering units, 650 military personnel, as well as assault and fighter aircraft of the Western Military District.

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