Expected radiation storms and coronal mass ejections toward Earth

Expected radiation storms and coronal mass ejections towards Earth Danger Zone

Solar radiation storm is observed around the Earth. At the date of November 27, 2011, it was assessed as weak. This means that the planet storm has little effect, but rather — to high-frequency radio transmission at high altitudes. Recorded at least one failure of the Japanese communications satellite "Kodama". In the near future, however, may occur more significant changes.

A solar flare that occurred on November 26, not only caused the radiation storm. It also caused a coronal mass ejection speed 930 kilometers per second, which will reach the Earth on 28 November. Predict severe storms near the poles. Observers can expect sky aurora from 28 to 29 November.

Although auroral phenomena are not frequent, they have recently become frequent because of approaching the maximum of solar activity. Thus, the coronal mass ejection October 24, 2011, directed to the side of Mars, was slightly affected land. However, the glow was observed in the state of Alabama. November's Northern Lights will be visible in the states of Florida and Texas, and possibly in Europe.

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