Fighters will be able to look at the tanks shots

Fighters will be able to look at the tanks shots

Company Northrop Grumman held a demonstration infrared survey system AN/AAQ-37 DAS. In its course the IR sensors of the F-35, which is able to find shots tank guns and armored vehicles to capture a goals. In the conditions of a real fight it will allow rapidly restore and apply precision weapon, destroying enemy tanks.

Demonstration of new abilities DAS system held by plane stand-BAC 1-11 in the process of firing live ammunition in preparation for the exercises.

Initially, in the DAS system requirements for the detection of a tank firing not laid, but the universality of IR system has allowed to add this functionality without severe costs. Now the fighter pilot will not have to manually search for and mark the tanks at the tactical monitor — even as perfectly camouflaged tank shoot, automatic capture system goal.

DAS system is a set of infrared sensors located in different places of the aircraft. Together these detectors forms the 360-degree field of view which allows the pilot to control the aircraft NIGHT MODE and in bad weather criteria, as with all angles to detect different types of targets, including ballistic and anti-aircraft missiles, anti-aircraft artillery fire, manned and unmanned aerial vehicles.

Apparently, a lot of potential DAS has not been exhausted, particularly in terms of monitoring the ground situation. Full automation of the process of target detection gives the pilot a huge advantages: allows you to focus on flying, immediately destroy the enemy and suddenly seemed to control vast areas.
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