Flooding in Europe broke all records

June 5, 2013. Flood, who in Europe has killed 12 people, has exceeded record levels "flood of the century" in 2002. If the Czech Republic and the German state of Bavaria flood has subsided, the eastern and southern Germany, the situation is called critical: the water level in several rivers rose by more than eight meters. It is now known about the 12 dead, the victims of the flood were residents of the Czech Republic, Austria, Poland and Germany.

"High Water" came to Dresden — the capital of Saxony. The water level in the Elbe River continues to rise, passing mark of 8.27 m, with a normal high water level here is 2 meters. In some urban areas, the evacuation: Quarter Gohlish left 660 people. Authorities warned residents throughout the eastern part of Dresden on the possible evacuation in the next few hours, the flood peak will reach in the next days.

The water level in the Hall of Saxony-Anhalt also rose by eight meters. "This is the highest level in the last 400 years", — quotes Die Zait spokesman City Hall Halle. The city declared a state of emergency, the water trying to stop the dams built of sandbags. The water level in the river Sean in Saxony, on the border with the Czech Republic, has exceeded 10 meters from the area of flooding evacuated 11,000 people. Anxiety and declared in Lower Saxony.

Earlier it was reported that the most affected by floods German city of Passau. The water level in the Danube near it today reached its highest level since 1501. The downfall of the entire historic center, there were shortages of drinking water. Residents massively leave the city by boat. In Passau arrived German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

State of emergency declared in Slovakia and Hungary. In Bratislava, tidal waves expected within days to Budapest it reaches the end of the week. The situation remains tense in Austria, where the water level will remain high until the end of the week. Meanwhile, the flood on the river Vltava in Prague began to wane. Metro Czech capital start carrying passengers, although some stations are still closed.

On the eve of the Russian Emergencies Ministry has asked temporarily to visit European countries affected by the floods. "It is recommended to think through their routes in advance, and if vacation is already planned, change the location of the rest", — said agency spokesman Irina Rossius.

To help the victims of floods countries today promised the European Commission. The money will be allocated from the Solidarity Fund, created 11 years ago, after severe floods in 2002, which until now was called "flood of the century".

Source: Utro.ru

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