Flooding in southern Brazzaville

Flooding in southern Brazzaville Natural Disasters

At least 13 people were killed in flooding caused by heavy rains in the capital of the African Republic of Congo Brazzaville. The bodies of the victims, who were sleeping peacefully at night are not aware of the coming flood, found and identified. More about the 26 people injured, after their house was hit by the wall, podtochennaya powerful streams of rainwater. Most flood-hit southern area of Brazzaville Makelekele.

The sharp rise in water level caused the spill Mfilu River, which flows through the south of Brazzaville, which in turn pulled down about two dozen coastal homes. Nearly six hundred families living in the capital, were left homeless. were from flooded areas have been evacuated about 600 people for an indefinite time, they have been granted asylum in the police stations. The search for possible victims of ongoing military and the Red Cross.

But the people and their property damaged as fruit plantations, roads and bridges around the river overflowing. Here and there are signs of erosion and siltation. In November 1999, in the same city was a great flood. Then, in varying degrees, affected tens of thousands of people.

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