Flooding in western Greece

Flooding in western Greece Natural Disasters

In the city of Pyrgos in western Greece on February 5, floods killed 82-year old woman who was found in the citrus garden. 22 people are alive thanks to the efforts of rescue crews. For one day in the rescue received 300 calls about flooding.

At the moment, the local hospital organized the evacuation of 90 patients, the monastery threatened by a landslide. In the surrounding villages because of the heavy rains of emergency was declared.

In rescue organizations involved more than 30 fire engines and a search helicopter, two boats and tracked bulldozer, to maintain the health of roads. Attempts are being made to lose the accumulated water in the tributaries of the Alpheus.

Over the last five years, this region of Greece seen such heavy rain. The water level in the streets of Piraeus is almost 1 meter.

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