Floods in Europe: forecasts are disappointing

June 8, 2013. Central Europe tries in vain to curb the elements of water. Flooding is already being called the largest in recent history. Victims of natural disasters have killed at least 18 people, mostly — in the Czech Republic. Hardest hit areas on the banks of the Danube and the Elbe River, the water level has reached record levels in some places is almost four times higher than normal.

In Germany, the only place this Saturday evacuated thousands of people. Particularly affected Magdeburg. Flooded businesses, residential neighborhoods, as well — a nursing home. People placed in temporary shelters. Authorities called the dramatic situation and asked residents not to leave the house.

Today the flood-affected areas of Saxony-Anhalt is going to visit the President of Germany. Meteorologists, meanwhile, has again promised rain, how much more will rise the level of the rivers is difficult to predict. The water keeps coming.

Source: Euronews


Central Europe continues to sink

June 7, 2013. The situation with the floods in Central Europe still remains critical. A growing number of communities to declare a state of emergency. This time in a dangerous position hit the German city of Dresden, in which the water began to rise with the flood of the river Elbe.

The city has already wielded by rescuers and citizens, volunteers, trying to shield the city to the maximum of what happened to Palau a few days ago, and prevent deaths and damage historically important sites. The entire length of the coast guards of stacked sandbags.

In the meantime, the water level of the Elbe River reached 8.5 meters, which is almost 2 meters above normal. Fortunately, this is not a critical point at ktoroy could suffer the famous building of the city's opera or cathedral, as well as other attractions in the historic center, barely survived the flood of 2002.

In order to 16 dead in Europe added new victims in Germany mobilized rescue workers and 60 thousand 16 thousand soldiers. Now under way in the evacuation of the northern city of Lauenburg, there evacuated 150 standing next to the Elbe homes. In the Bavarian city of Deggendorf had a breakout third dam flooded the new suburban areas, many houses were affected. Saxon Bitterfild lowered the dam on the river Myulde because of fears of sudden breakthrough design. Evacuation prohodid in the settlements on the river Saale, in which the water level was so high the last 400 years.

Source: EcoWars.tv

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