Food security of the world

Hot summer and forest fires in Russia have led to rising food prices worldwide. His contribution to the increase in prices of some food products made and the development of biofuels in developed countries. Against this background, the media went up the next wave of discussions of food security of the world.

Food security in each country consists of three components: the availability of food for all segments of the population, the availability of sufficient resources for the cultivation of food and level of development of technologies for processing of raw food.

The analysis of these components of food security company Maplecroft, risk assessors, was made the next card.

The map shows that the low level of food safety characteristic of Afghanistan and the vast areas of Africa. For the CIS countries is characterized by the average level of food security (It is surprising that Russia with its diverse climatic conditions found in this group). Among European countries, all is not well with food security affairs at Portugal, Italy, Greece and Serbia.


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