From the earthquake in Algeria has suffered 5 people

May 20, 2013. In the field of Bejaia Algeria earthquake of magnitude 5.5 points. The epicenter was sufficiently strong push depth 12.6 km and was at sea, 250 kilometers east of the capital Algiers and 17 km to the east of the city of Bejaia. Earthquake damage has managed several buildings in Bejaia and neighboring Aokase, the walls of which were formed cracks.

The natural disaster has caused injury five other Algerians. Fortunately, all cases considered by doctors is not very serious, and do not threaten the life of the patients. Two people were injured when fell from a shaky scaffolding, the other trying to escape from the earthquake by jumping out the window. In some cities, people panic, they frantically left the building in which they reside.

In Algeria, earthquakes occur frequently, since it is on the border of two plates — the African and Eurasian. But really strong aftershocks are recorded only once in several years. So, in May 2003 in the coastal town of Boumerdes earthquake killed 2,266 Algerians, and another 10 million were injured. In early May of this year, the quake damaged several buildings in the city of Mostaganem to the west of the country, there were no casualties.


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