Grimsvotn volcano eruption in Iceland

Grimsvotn volcano eruption in Iceland, Natural Disasters

This article presents 24 photos of the eruption of the volcano Grimsvotn May 21, 2011. Strong smoke, continued to dissipate over Iceland, Ireland and the UK for 4 days, forced the president of the United States to reduce the length of stay in Dublin and airlines to suspend tourist flights. The eruption of 2011 is the most powerful since 1873.

1) The plane flies over the clouds of smoke after the eruption of May 21, 2011.

2) The image was acquired by satellite Terra May 22, 2011. Clouds of smoke hung over Scotland and Northern Ireland.

3) May 23, 2011, U.S. President Barack Obama forced to leave Ireland. The smoke moved towards the UK.

4) A cloud of smoke above the volcano May 21, 2011. Less than an hour it will cover a distance of 11 kilometers.

5) People who live near the volcano, have suffered from the eruption: the buildings are covered with ashes, tighten the sky with smoke.

6) The smoke that rose after the eruption of the volcano, 120 kilometers from the capital, Reykjavik.

7) A farmer leads a horse through the ash erupting May 22, 2011.

8) sheep farmers trying to gather the herd.

9) A dead lamb 260 kilometers from the capital.

10) May 23, 2011 a man cleans his car, but the eruption of ash began to decline.

11) field near the settlement of Vic.

12) The rescue team checks the status of the farmer Kirkyubayyarkleystyur.

13) covered with ashes dressing May 22, 2011 in Kirkyubayyarkleystyur.

14) farmers and leave the hotel at Geyrdend May 23, 2011.

15) considers the passenger information display May 24, 2011.

16) On a board showing canceled flights departures. On May 24, 2011 there were some operating flights at the airport in Edinburgh, Scotland.

17) Abandoned registration area in the Icelandic airport in Keflavik.

18) waiting for a flight to Edinburgh airport May 24, 2011.

19) Abandoned registration area in the airport in Aberdeen, Scotland May 24, 2011.

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