Houses in a seismic zone near Irkutsk not withstand earthquakes

June 9, 2013. In the Irkutsk region home to check seismic resistance. How do I find professionals in Shelehov, the earthquake happened there, do not stand half of the buildings. And this despite the fact that scientists do not rule out the possibility of groundwater fluctuations in the Baikal region.

Six months of work and disappointing results. Irkutsk scientists in the framework of the regional program to improve seismic checked in Shelekhovo 500 homes. Of these, 48 percent were unreliable. The fact is that most of these buildings were built as temporary housing for a period of construction of city-forming enterprises. As a result, the house, which is only 50 years old, it is literally falling apart before our eyes.

"Depreciation of buildings is very, very large, and these houses are beyond repair," — says the Laboratory of Earthquake Engineering Institute of the Earth's crust Lydia Berzhinskaya.

Zohra lives in emergency house five years. During this time, the repair has spent a lot of money: to straighten cracked walls and ceiling of the mistress has every year. "Maju, wallpaper glue, observe the order, because it would be desirable to live," — says a resident of an emergency at home.

Were unreliable and brick houses and buildings from gazozolo and perlitobetona. According to scientists, some houses can withstand an earthquake of 7 points, but the problem is that he is on a 9-point territory, and in the case of a strong earthquake, the building could be seriously damaged.

There is another reason for the "weakness" of buildings — shops on the first floor. The owners often take down there supporting walls. According to scientists, these alterations in Shelekhovo by eight per house. Despite the fact that the state structures do not allow it at all.

"Today, we have tightened this work, we refuse to many, because not all entrepreneurs understand how serious it is," — says the mayor Valery Ten.

The administration Shelekhova already has 447 million rubles for the resettlement of residents from damaged houses. And the money to strengthen the buildings will look for in the budgets of different levels. By the way, according to the staff of the Institute of the Earth's crust, 8-magnitude earthquake in the region are repeated every 150-200 years. The latter happened in Irkutsk is just a half century ago.

Source: Lead

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