How much can complain? Europeans became profitable to work and live in Russia.

2013-01-24 / Boris Y. Kagarlitskiy — Director of the Institute of Globalization and Social Movements.

Exit onto our screens Anglo-American adaptation of "Anna Karenina" naturally provoked a wave of critical publications. But the most amazing story of all published Dmitry Bykov, is available to explain to his readers that although the authors of the film, according to him, they took off obscene parody of the Russian classics, to blame for what happened, they did not, and … Putin's bloody regime. It turns out that modern Russia is so horrible and, most importantly, so looks bad in the eyes of Europe, and that is serious about Russian literature, even classical, against this background impossible.

Article Bykov, for all the obvious grotesqueness of his thesis, a good representation of the domestic Westerner reflects not only about their own country, but also of European life, the actual course of which it is not in the least interested. Because, on the one hand, it assumes that in Western countries, everything is smooth, sweet and wonderful, but on the other hand, they, on the other side, such as no other care than to relentlessly think about us and terrified our wildness. The idea that Western man through the roof of their own problems, against which not all Russian troubles seem so very significant, simply does not occur to our intellectuals.

Meanwhile, in Western Europe today is experiencing one of the most dramatic periods in its history since the end of World War II. Social and economic instability reaches such proportions that it threatened the whole is a habitual way of life, standing values, norms and ideas. This is especially true, of course, Southern Europe, with its extremely high rate of unemployment, debt and grand decaying in front of state institutions.

But the more prosperous countries of the North can not be away from this disaster, as the majority of the continent is now packaged in a common envelope EU. Even in relatively prosperous countries voters are less trust politicians regardless of political color, as the dominant economic theories discredited constant practical failures conducted on the basis of their course. On this background, the current social situation in Russia looks quite good. Unemployment remains at a minimum, social programs are not collapsed. You can certainly argue that the low unemployment in our country to provide low wages, but the problem is that in the countries of Southern Europe, even a sharp decline in wages does not lead to an increase in employment, and in Germany on the rich background of the crisis jobs also saved by reducing wages or switching to part-time work with the termination of social benefits by the employer. In contrast, in Russia in 2011-2012 saw an increase in income and consumption.

It is not surprising that, despite the ever-recurring in the liberal press calls "fell out of this country," there has been a reverse process. The rate of growth of the Russian economy have declined slightly as a result of the crisis, still remain high compared to Western European levels.

The size of Russia's real GDP, in billions of U.S. dollars

If the eurozone is in a recession, we have continued to increase production. New jobs are created, including the well-paid, even by Western standards. And many Russian tourists — not only the representatives of the new bourgeoisie, but also the people of the middle class is quite labor — are real salvation for the tourism business in warm countries. "Money is now only in Russian," — shared with me for an Italian breakfast in the Egyptian hotel, where a few years ago, among the guests was dominated by his countrymen, and today heard mainly Russian language.

If earlier it was considered axiomatic that our young people, students in the West, home for the most part do not come back today, everywhere you can find specialists who graduated from European universities, found a job at home. And it's not just patriotism, although it occurs more often than willing to believe liberal publicist. Just in Moscow, St. Petersburg, and sometimes in other Russian centers appear secure jobs, attracting professionals at a time when Europe's employment problems are increasing every day. Return home, and representatives of the older generation — I often find in Moscow and St. Petersburg old friends, many years ago, who left, and now again appeared among us. Well-known American sociologist George Derluguian states that the exodus of specialists from Russia to the West a thing of the past, now the reverse process is gaining momentum. "Brain drain in the nineties, was probably even a whopping capital flight, but as capital, brains somehow able to return." Derluguian itself is kind of confirmation of this thesis — the name in sociology, he made himself in the U.S., but is now working on joint projects with Russian universities.

The unemployment rate in Russia,%

Political claim against the liberal opposition against Putin and his government, of course, seriously change the picture, but the trouble is that it is very similar claims are made by public opinion to government officials and political parties in other countries. Reluctance of bureaucrats to consider the opinion of citizens, as well as corruption, are not any specific Russian disaster, which is, apparently, believes the Bulls, the Europeans know only of the articles of domestic liberals and human rights activists. If he had bothered to read Spanish, Italian, or, at times, even the French press, he would have found in it a lot of stories, it is comparable with Russian, would have found the complaints and, amazingly similar to his own. And most importantly, would have found and constantly repeated calls to "bring down this country", which is literally full of Greek, Spanish and Portuguese segment of the Internet. And by the way, in fact leave. Including in Russia.

One reason for the interest in moving into our country of foreign nationals is acting "flat rate" income tax is among the lowest in the developed world — 13%. By the way, now about it thanks to the newly formed Russian citizen Gerard Depardieu learns very decent amount of ordinary Europeans. In this case, I personally do not believe that such a rule is fair and justified from a social point of view, but at least she is really attracted to us highly paid foreign professionals. Work in Russia was for Europeans profitable and prestigious, but because in our capital city pulled specialists of various profiles — from well-known chefs to athletes and executives. And strange as it may seem regulars our liberal marking time, these people are not only not afraid of Putin, but on the contrary — the current "mode" of their most attractive for its stability and intelligibility, that is, the fact that they are now deprived of at home.

I hope the reader will understand me correctly. I am writing this not because I try to prove that we have all
the chocolate. To find a great variety of problems, just go outside. But our problems are not unique and certainly not the result of some special savagery and backwardness in comparison with the "civilized Europe." The general crisis of neoliberal capitalism affects the whole world — from America to India and from Britain to Kazakhstan. Russia is facing the same problems in the same way as all the other countries, it also needs to change. But in order for us to have stepped change for the better, we should not criticize their own country, and to do it everyday to work towards the social, economic and political problems.

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