How to introduce solid foods?

How to introduce solid foods.

When the child reaches the age of 6 months, its need for protein, vitamins and minerals increases significantly. It's time to enter into the diet of the baby full carbohydrates, vegetable proteins, vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber. Previously, doctors recommended to introduce solid foods from 4 months. But the special sense in this. If there are no problems with growth, development and health, it is best to start lure in 6 months. If a skinny kid with a poor appetite, low hemoglobin, then it is better to start solid foods early in 5 months.

Generally it is believed that the lure is administered when the baby will grow first tooth. After the first tooth — is a signal to the body that it is ready to accept other foods other than milk. But sometimes the teeth begin to cut in nine months, then of course you can not wait.

Any new foods included in the diet gradually and with caution. Best start introduce solid foods in2nd morning feeding. Encourage your child to 1-2 spoon new product. After that, it is better supplementation habitual food — breast milk or formula. If a kid is refused, do not despair — you can try again in a few days.

You must then follow the reaction to the lure — a rash, changes in stool. If everything is in order, the next day, increase the dose to 2 times and so on, exponentially, up to 150 — 200 grams. If something not — experiments are suspended.

Thus, it is necessary, on average, 7 — 10 days to a feeding was completely replaced lure.

Where to start solid foods?

At this point there is no clear guidance. Someone begins lure with vegetable puree, andsomeone with juice. Many pediatricians recommend starting with vegetable purees, as they are rich in vitamins and minerals. On the other hand, is too different from the structure of the new food milk, which may be unusual for a child.

If the parents have decided to start with the vegetables, then again it is better to give vegetables white or green coloring — zucchini, broccoli, cauliflower. Later — pumpkin, potatoes and carrots. Vegetables need to cook and clean, butone can buy ready-made sauce in jars. In banks, even preferable, as there is guaranteed quality products, perfect homogenized, lint fiber, which is often allergy in children.

If a child is thin, then you can start with cereals. It is best to use as the first cereal rice, buckwheat and corn. Then introduced oatmeal. You can cook for themselves, and it is better to buy ready-made for children. First you need to give a milk-porridge, and closer to the year can be cooked in milk. Porridge is better to replace the most recent feeding, before the night's sleep. Then sated baby will sleep better and longer.

Some start with dairy products — yogurt with optimal infant food. Babies respond well to this lure, as there is no fundamental difference in composition compared with milk. Besides milk products contain useful lactic acid bacteria.

Thus, in 8 months baby eating 4-5 once a day, 2 of them feeding completely replaced with yogurt, vegetable puree and porridge. At nine months of age 3 meals completely replaced lure. Added cottage cheese (one year can be given no more than 50 grams a day) and fruits. From the fruit is better to give those that grow in the same band, where the child was born. For example, do not give the kid from Moscow, kiwi and bananas, as first fruits, optimally — green apples, pears, berries.

Ten months in vegetable soups can be entered. Simmer the soup is best to water, and then the meat broth (ideally — chicken). If there were no problems — just added to the soup pureed meat, even after a couple of days, again directly to the soup — hard-boiled yolk of an egg — in the early fifth part, and then a little more. In any case, before the age of one year more than half do not have to give the yolk.

Meat products are present in the diet every day from ten — eleven months. It is best to initially introduce rabbit meat (it nizkoallergenno). Then — lamb, chicken, pork, beef. To fish is better not to give — it is very allergenic product. Meat can also be cleaned, and you can make steam meatballs to a child accustomed to the food pieces.

Closer to the year you can give and juices,milk and cereals oatmeal with fruit, and just brushed a piece of apple or a piece of bread — suck, scratch your gums play with. Juices do not replace the basic food they are given, in addition, after breast-fed or formula milk.

It is desirable that the year of a child's menu was quite varied. If the desire and the milk of mothers is, it is desirable to a year — at least one and a half times a day to feed the baby milk. High-quality infant formula is quite possible to produce up to 1.5 and up2-x years — 1 time a day.

At night, it is desirable to give yogurt, or breast milk, or an adapted formula.

If a child undersome reasons do not want to eat solid foods, do not insist. If its growth and mental development of an appropriate age norms, analyzes in order, slippage of complementary feeding is not so important. How to introduce solid foods?

Sample menu year-old child is as follows:


  • Porridge — 200 gr.
  • Sauce — 30 oz.
  • The juice — 50 ml.


  • Vegetable soup with croutons — 40 gr.
  • Vegetable puree — 150 g.
  • Steam patty — 60 oz.
  • The juice — 30 ml.

16 hours

  • Cottage cheese — 50 oz.
  • Fruit — 50 oz.
  • Yogurt or milk — 200 ml.

20 hours

  • Vegetable soup or porridge — 100g.
  • Fruit — 50 oz.
  • Juice — 50 oz.

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