In 2011, Russia threatened a nuclear disaster

In 2011, Russia threatened nuclear disaster Facts

In late December 2011, Russia threatened a nuclear disaster when a nuclear submarine, which was nuclear weapons, burst into flames. This information was published in a Russian magazine, while the authorities claim that the submarine was not armed.

Officials said before the 167-meter submarine "Yekaterinburg" caught fire, all nuclear weapons were recovered, so the danger of radiation was not. Remains a mystery, did you order the crew to remain in the submarine itself or not. But in the national magazine "Power" was cited several sources, according to which a fire broke out during a December 29, 2011 the submarine was 16 intercontinental nuclear missiles equipped with four nuclear warheads each. According to the magazine, Russia was on the brink of the worst disaster since Chernobyl. Neither the Department of Defense or the Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozhin, responsible for military affairs, were not immediately available to comment on the incident, and a representative of the Navy could not be reached.

The fire started when welding sparks ignited wooden scaffolding around the submarine, which was on one of the major shipyards Rosii — in the dock in Roslyakovo, located 1,500 kilometers from Moscow. Tanned rubber coating submarine formed a 10-meter column of smoke over the ship. To extinguish the flames, firefighters needed day, with the submarine was partially submerged under water.

What is strange is the fact that after the fire, disarmament, according to the authorities, the submarine went to the armories of the Navy. The magazine also reported that in addition to nuclear weapons on board the submarine were also torpedoes, mines, and two nuclear reactors. With the explosion of a torpedo could occur extremely dangerous nuclear disaster.

Crashes with Russian submarines

In November 2008, during the test, when immersed in the Sea of Japan on the submarine "Nerpa" Remove defective fire fighting equipment, resulting in toxic gas poisoning killed 20 crew members. In August 2003, sank in the Barents Sea submarine K-159 with 10 crew members. In August 2000, during an exercise in the Barents Sea on the submarine "Kursk" was an explosion, which killed 118 people.

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