In Australia, the number of earthquakes

September 11, 2013. Scientists in Victoria trying to understand the reasons for the increase of earthquakes in the region of Gippsland. Seismologists describe the area as a hot spot of earthquakes. Prior to 2009, there was recorded a total of 50 earthquakes, but since then has 700.

A particularly high number of tremors observed area between Latrobe Valley and the coastline Gippsland. Local people also want to know why, in recent time, the land under their feet more often shakes. According to Gary Gibsona from the University of Melbourne, there are other areas which are active from a geological point of view, but none of them can compare to Gippsland.

At this point in the ground along the fault lines are 8 seismographs. They are so sensitive that they can even record the vibration of approaching footsteps. One of them is set on a farm Neville Cliff's, which describes the local earthquake as zipping train only from him, and the house was shaking.

Dan Sandiford recently completed a study of seismic activity in areas with broken rock. Gary Gibson hopes that this study will have some impact on the building regulations. One problem is that the construction standards do not take into account the types of earthquakes, which are predicted in the art. According to him, if we do not want the house began to crumble, they should be built with the possibility of an earthquake.

Source: Rage Of Nature

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