In Chile, the volcano became more active Kopaue

May 25, 2013. In view of recent changes in the behavior of the Chilean volcano Kopaue code can be endangered if the mountain settlements was raised to "orange." Back in mid-May of the current crater appeared the first portion of gas and ash. Their emissions do not stop till now, and even increase, having spread to 100 km in the south-east.

Also on the volcano were recorded two mini-earthquakes caused by the movement of internal liquid substances in the crater. The first had a magnitude of 2.9 points, its epicenter is located about 6 km east of the main crater. This gives reason to believe that magma is ready for release to the surface, the more that night on top of the crater is observed thermal anomaly.

Last Kopaue most violent eruption, located on the border of Chile and Argentina refers to 2000. It was accompanied by strong emission of pyroclastic material and liquid sulfur fragments. The first known eruption was described in the 18th century.


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