In Europe, the fear that the spring and summer will not come

May 24, 2013. Whereas in the European part of Russia is already summer weather — so, in Moscow in mid-May, the temperature reached 30 degrees — in some regions of Western Europe the mercury, and with it the mood of residents steadily going down.

Blocked in the middle of the Atlantic Azores anticyclone passes to the Old World polar cold. With him coming and excessive rainfall, has led, for example, to the severe flooding in Norway.

In France, in the Vosges, near the German border, motorists simply can not part with winter tires. North-east of the country in the first week of May was 30-40% less sun than usual.

Cyclists on the Giro d'Italia stage race literally fought their way through the snow on a number of alpine mountain stages.

Unseasonable weather in Switzerland: snow, walked in the Alps on Thursday, the output may come down on the plain. Temperature of 12 degrees — they add local, even do not dare to say — heat.

Source: Euronews

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