In Iceland this week about a thousand earthquakes recorded

October 5, 2013. Very close to the northern coast of Iceland, about 10 km on the city Gegurta from September 25 to present seysmochuvstvitelnye instruments recorded about 1,000 individual tremors. Their depth varied from 15 km, which corresponds to the boundary of the mantle and the crust, up to several hundred meters, that is, just at the surface.

The last two were thrust magnitude 3 and 3.2 points, the rest of the mini-earthquakes were within the same magnitude or less. However, the small depth of their epicenters enabled devices easily register Occurred activity. Scientists suggest that the earthquake caused all are evidence of magma ascent in the fault zone near the volcano Ternes. This fault has always been famous for its seismic and volcanic activity.

Ternes underwater fault zone is inclined transition zone separating the northern volcanic zone of Iceland and ridge Kolbeynsi that is part of the northern margin of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. In the 1867-1868 years. on the fracture occurred underwater earthquake.


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