In Kemerovo held June snowfall

June 2, 2013. Because of the cold wave in the summer of Kemerovo started with snowfall. Unaccustomed to June 2, precipitation walked a few minutes.

The beginning of summer in the Kemerovo region has stood quite unusual: in the region of snow fell, according to ITAR-TASS. Anomaly surprised kemerovchan, which are divided into social networks photos and videos with the June snow.

According to witnesses, the snow was literally a few minutes and quickly melted. "The trees are white, as in the winter, very cold. Interesting times have come with us, "- wrote one of the residents of the city. "Good morning, gentlemen. Kemerovo, June 2! All the summer rain, and we have a summer snow "- echoes another.

Sudden snowfall hit the city due to the negative temperature. "At the height of the temperature of minus six or seven degrees. In the morning, the ground was about plus three degrees. Therefore, it was snowing, "- said the representative of the Kemerovo Hydrometeorological.

The weatherman said that over the years, could not remember the cases of the June snowfall in the region. Cold masses brought by the cyclone, retain their influence on weather in the region.

Meteorologists promise that the day temperature in Kemerovo could rise to plus ten degrees. There has been a clear, light rains are expected in the north of the area — sleet will continue.

Inclement weather, followed by a cold snap and rain, stood in the Kuzbass almost all of May and at the beginning of last month and periodically snowing. Such conditions have shifted in the Kemerovo region sowing corn and planting potatoes. In addition, in May, the regional authorities had to extend the heating season, which ended only on May 27, although the utility originally planned to turn off the heat in the middle of the month.




In Kemerovo this morning snowfall was

June 2, 2013. In the first days of summer in the field of fixed-frozen.

Summer in the Kuzbass is not long delayed. So ironically Russian users of social networking — and with good reason. The June snowfall shocked not only local residents, but also meteorologists. "Interfax" quotes an unnamed employee of the Kemerovo meteorologist who, quote, "a similar phenomenon was not observed for his 40 years of practice." The appearance of snow early in the summer, she explained particularly low air temperature in the atmosphere — at a height of one and a half kilometers, it was No. 6 …? 8 degrees. This led to the emergence of large flakes of snow, which, according to eyewitnesses, in some places lay on the green lawns in small drifts. This development contributed to the situation, and the temperature at the ground. In the field it dropped to -2 degrees, which is considered to be an anomaly for one of the hottest months of the year in Kemerovo. The average temperature at this time — 18, but sometimes it reaches and 24 degrees Celsius.

According to the forecasts of meteorologists, a small warming of the Kuzbass will come tomorrow. The air may be warm to the area 10.

Source: Radio Echo of Moscow

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