In southern China suffered a landslide

In southern China suffered a landslide Natural Disasters

As a result of heavy rains in southern China's Guangdong Province in the territory of the village farms landslide occurred. Injured eight people, two of them children. For ten hours near a farm lifeguard, who managed to get out of the mud, still alive, the adult victim. The others died.

According to the Ministry of Interior, over the past few weeks in China from natural disasters, including rainstorms and floods, and in the south by drought and unusually cold weather in general affected 15.17 million people. The economic loss is 4.55 billion yuan (about 719.9 million U.S. dollars). For one reason or another 9 thousand people had to move to other areas and temporarily accept the status of a refugee.

Severe weather damaged more than 1.2 million hectares of agricultural land. Destroyed or damaged 38,000 homes. However, compared with losses in 2011 the present facts do not look so terrifying.

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