In the normal cooling of the earth fault moss

In the normal cooling of the earth fault Moss Weather and Climate

Primitive bryophytes plants can initiate a series of cooling the planet and cause a series of mini-ice age. Until now it was believed that the process of global cooling on Earth began about 100 million years ago with the advent of large plants and trees. But, according to Professor Tim Lenton of the University of Exeter, that mosses have had the greatest impact on the current climate.

Carbon dioxide surrounds the Earth like a big duvet. The more gas in the atmosphere, the higher the temperature. It is believed that 480 million years ago, the CO2 was 16 times higher than the present, and the average global temperature is 25 ° C, which is 10 degrees higher than now. But carbon dioxide levels began to fall about 460 million years ago, Earth began to cool, which initiated the formation of the ice cover. According to the experiment, Lenton, namely mosses, to intervene in the process of chemical weathering, are the catalysts of this cold snap.

In the process of weathering mosses recovered from rock nutrients. For their needs splitting carbon dioxide, which in large quantities are constantly absorbed by these primitive creatures from the atmosphere. Such active consumption of CO2 for a long time can be considered a reasonable explanation for the decrease in global temperature, scientists believe.

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