In the north of Black Earth was weak freeze

June 14, 2013. The past night in the north of the ETP was rather cold. Under the influence of Scandinavian anticyclone air vyholazhivalsya to +1 … +6, and sometimes even weak frosts occurred.

In particular, the lowest temperature in the region (± 0.4) is fixed to the "cold pole" of the Central District in the city of Sharjah (Kostroma region) in the north of the Kirov region in Lalsk.

As expected meteorologists in central ETP frosts were local and short-term (pre-dawn) the nature and did not cause much harm to the heat-loving crops.

But in the Russian North dawned cold snap more significant. In the Arkhangelsk region, the temperature was lowered to € 1.8 (Karpogory), in the Komi Republic — to £ 1.7m (Vending).

In Moscow, at least last night was 10.8, in the area? 5.5 (Cherusti). On this cold snap has exhausted itself in the ETP and a powerful warming, the culmination of which will be in the coming weekend.

Source: News Gismeteo

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